Joe Goldberg

Critical Cloud Skills for 2019 and Beyond

The IT job market has always shifted as technologies advanced, but cloud computing has pushed changes in the market to speeds never seen before. The job market for cloud architects changes as rapidly as the technology itself. At AWS Re:Invent 2018 last week, AWS announced 30+ new significant services alone ... Read More
Joe Goldberg

Become a Budget Hero, Use Third Party Maintenance for IT Assets

The first question you may be asking is, “Why should I be considering third party maintenance over OEM maintenance contracts?” The short answer: MONEY Most buyers who utilize third party maintenance services save up to 50 percent or more over three years, in most cases. In reality though, it isn’t ... Read More
Visibility as a Service Webinar

Help, I Have Moved to Containers and Now I’m Blind

Containers and microservices are becoming a very popular option for deploying applications. There are many benefits of containers, faster deployments, reproducibility of environments, cost optimizations, isolation, and flexibility in general. There is one glaring problem that is seen right after initial deployment, monitoring and troubleshooting is exponentially more complex when ... Read More
Joe Goldberg

Site Reliability Engineering – From DevOps to NoOps

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a practice that combines software development skills and IT operations into a single job function. Automation and continuous integration and delivery are used to reach the goal of improving highly dynamic systems. The concept originated with Google in the early 2000s and was documented in ... Read More
Joe Goldberg

Azure Goes Boom to Remind Us Infrastructure and Multi-cloud Still Matter

Microsoft’s had significant difficulties recovering from its most severe Azure outage in years. On September 4, 2018 there was a weather related power spike at Microsoft’s Azure South Central U.S. region in San Antonio. That surge hit crippled their HVAC system. The subsequent rising temperatures triggered automatic hardware shutdowns. More ... Read More

Am I Already Using the Cloud and is it Safe?

Often when speaking to people about the cloud, their first reaction is that it isn’t safe and they won’t use it. Odds are that they, and most everyone else who owns an Internet connected device, is already using the cloud. Let’s take a step back and define the cloud. In ... Read More
Joe Goldberg

Shadow IT and the Cloud

Several years back, organizations didn’t even think about users signing up for their own applications and tools. The fact that each application required access to resources that were beyond their control kept this problem bottled up. Storage, compute, and network configurations were all IT’s domain and so IT needed to ... Read More
Joe Goldberg

SD-WAN and Cloud, Wonder Twin Powers Activate

SD-WAN has far exceeded 2017 expectations. It is one of the hottest trends in networking, and forecasts are increasing every quarter with IDC predicting the size of the SD-WAN market to be $8.05B by 2021. Forrester’s 10 Cloud Computing predictions predicts that in 2018 the total global public cloud market ... Read More
Cloud basics

Cloud Computing Basics

At its simplest level, cloud computing means using someone else’s computer. This gives you rapid access to computing power, storage, and network services that can help you scale your operation up or down, depending on your requirements. Cloud is a technology buzzword with many meanings. Dropbox is cloud. Microsoft Office ... Read More
Joe Goldberg

Increase Visibility in the Cloud

The public cloud market is blowing up. Many IT admins are realizing they don’t have the same visibility into their infrastructure that they once did. The worldwide public cloud services market is projected to grow 18 percent in 2017 to total $248.6 billion according to Gartner. 74% of Chief Financial ... Read More