Cloud Audit Protection Against Security Threats

Last month Bob Violino wrote a great article about “The dirty dozen: 12 top cloud security threats.” At CCSI we are seeing many of our customers with aggressive “move to the cloud” or “cloud first” initiatives. As they move forward, we always advise them that they keep a close eye on their security posture and attack surface.

Cloud Security

In some ways the cloud is more secure than on-prem and in others it is more challenging to secure than on-prem. A big piece of that comes from a lack of traditional visibility that exists on-prem.

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Layers. Onions have layers. Security has layers.

With the knowledge that no security solution is perfect, we always recommend a layered approach, like an onion. Even if your feel like your data isn’t valuable to criminals, it’s still valuable to you and therefore you need to protect it. Corruption or loss of data means downtime, and that can cripple a small organization. Add on ransomware, and things can get financially costly. Mobile devices add to the mix and can potentially provide criminals another avenue to get to your sensitive data.

SOC – Everyday – 24×7

Everyday, our 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) sees our customer’s security tools blocking thousands of new phishing sources, malware, and unwanted applications from making its way their computers. More than 97% of these threats are unique thanks to their polymorphic capabilities. In addition, phishing sites are using new methods to find success. It used to be that Google was targeted the most when creating a spoofed site. Now it’s Yahoo since many users of Yahoo might be an older, less tech savvy generation and more trusting of suspicious emails.

Cloud Audit

Worried about the 12 top cloud security threats? Perform a cloud security audit and take corrective action from the results. Once all recommendations have been taken, rerun the audit. Unsure about how to perform a cloud audit or if your cloud infrastructure is secure? Utilize a managed service provider that understands the cloud and has a cloud practice, like CCSI.

Threats are no different in the cloud. As a first step, we recommend a cloud security audit. The security audit produces a high level dashboard showing what services are being used and their current security posture.

cloud security

We also give a detailed breakout of each item checked, its status, and a recommendation.  The results are reviewed with the customer and then when the customer has fixed any open issues, we rescan.

Cloud Security

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Joe Goldberg

Author Bio: Joe Goldberg is the Senior Cloud Program manager at CCSI. Over the past 15+ years, Joe has helped companies to design, build out, and optimize their network and data center infrastructure. As a result of his efforts, major gains in ROI have been realized through virtualization, WAN implementation, core network redesigns, and the adoption of cloud services. Joe is also ITIL certified.

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