New Data Privacy Regulation Deadline Spawns Phishing Attack Outbreak

The use of trendy stories or pressing compliance deadlines to launch attacks is nothing new to cyber criminals. While phishing attacks cause pain for consumers, the implications on the corporate side are much larger. Find out how cyber criminals are taking advantage of the news cycle to target businesses and ... Read More

RSA Report: Mobile App Fraud Transactions Increased Over 600 Percent in Three Years

Phishing accounted for 48% of all cyber attacks observed by RSA in the first quarter of 2018 while two out of every three fraud transactions originated in the mobile channel. Learn more about the current state of cybercrime and fuel the conversation about how to combat it more effectively ... Read More

The Dark Web Goes Social

Due to the rise in popularity of newer social media outlets throughout the world, many fraudsters have expanded their activities to include multiple platforms. Gain insight on why social media has become so attractive to fraudsters and what types of information and tools are being sold and traded in these ... Read More

Omnichannel Fraud Prevention: Managing Risk in a Digital Age

Several payment trends drive the need for omnichannel fraud management. From consumer preferences and FinTech innovations to regulatory drivers, such as PSD2 and Faster Payments, learn what is creating changes in the payments industry in 2018 ... Read More

Cybercrime Operations: Where Will Fraudsters Go Next?

The recent takedowns of several major underground marketplaces have forced fraudsters to move their cybercriminal operations to new platforms. Some newly favored options include social media platforms, websites hosted on the blockchain, and perhaps even your refrigerator ... Read More

Applying Cross-Channel Data to Improve Fraud Detection

Risk-based authentication leverages machine learning to consume third-party fraud data and business intelligence to predict fraud risk more accurately and allow good customers to pass unhindered. Learn how one organization was able to leverage business intelligence data from their call center to achieve higher fraud detection rates ... Read More

Account Takeover Surge Results from Mass Data Breaches and Phishing

Account takeover attacks are increasing due to mass data breaches and phishing attacks which have exposed billions of usernames, email addresses and passwords. Learn more about this growing threat and why automated attacks are so difficult to spot ... Read More

Tax Phishing Scams to Watch for in 2018

Tax scam fraudsters are getting smarter, and their schemes are growing more sophisticated, targeting not just individual consumers, but also employees with access to sensitive personal and financial data. Here are simple ways to avoid getting hooked by the latest tax phishing scams ... Read More
Making Sense of the Credit Card Fraud Business

Making Sense of the Credit Card Fraud Business

The plethora of password breaches in the last two years has helped cyber criminals diversify their products and services by adding a variety of new stolen credentials for sale. However, the business of credit card fraud is still a thriving operation in the black market, complete with an entire ecosystem ... Read More

How to Solve the Consumer Authentication Conundrum

Risk-based authentication is a great way to reduce friction in online transactions while protecting against fraud. Biometrics and other step-up authentication can ramp up security even further. But are consumers ready to abandon passwords for new methods? ... Read More