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API Attacks Rise 400% in Last Six Months

Attacks on APIs continue to rise sharply. New findings from Salt Labs found a shocking 400% increase in unique API attackers in the last six months. Interestingly, the report also discovered that ...
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Skyhawk Security Taps ChatGPT to Augment Threat Detection

Skyhawk Security today revealed it is employing ChatGPT to add generative artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to its cloud threat detection and response (CDR) platform at no extra charge. Skyhawk Security CEO Chen ...
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SlashNext Security, Spam and the Future of Email

We’ve Been Using Email Since 1971—It’s Time We Make it Secure

An estimated 333 billion emails were sent and received daily worldwide in 2022. Email is one of the most important communication tools used today. It’s also a powerful, accessible, effective and low-cost ...
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Debating SIEM in 2023, Part 2

Debating SIEM in 2023, Part 2

So, we went through “Debating SIEM in 2023, Part 1”, now let’s debate a bit more. At this point, everybody who didn’t “rage stop” reading it should be convinced that yes, SIEM ...
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The Chasm Between Cybersecurity Confidence and Actual Ability

A survey of 316 cybersecurity training strategy decision-makers in the UK, U.S, Canada, Germany and Sweden published today found there is a major disconnect in the confidence they have in their teams ...
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ChatGPT Less Convincing Than Human Social Engineers in Phishing Attacks

Tech companies large and small are all jumping on the AI chatbot bandwagon—Google just opened up access to its Bard offering and ChatGPT is already on version 4—and, not surprisingly, threat actors ...
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The Chip War’s Impact on Cybersecurity and the Supply Chain

Semiconductors had their moment in the spotlight during the worst of the pandemic-induced supply chain disruptions. The shortage of semiconductors wreaked havoc on the industries that rely on them, opening up devices ...
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Survey Surfaces Need to Change SecOps Priorities

A survey of 250 senior cybersecurity and IT professionals found well over half of respondents (57%) reported that security operations (SecOps) are more chaotic today than two years ago, with 96% planning ...
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Zoom Taps Okta to Bring Zero-Trust Cybersecurity to Videoconferences

Okta and Zoom today announced an integration through which cybersecurity administrators will be able to centrally manage end-to-end encryption across the Zoom videoconferencing platform. The Okta Authentication for End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) makes ...
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