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SBN Beyond Your Bank Account: Ten Astounding Finds Uncovered by Financial Malware

Financial malware is prevalent.  In Q2, it accounted for about one out of every six fraud attacks observed by RSA.  Roughly 60% of all malware is delivered via malspam campaigns today, according to the Center for Internet Security.   There are many types of financial malware, each with their own unique functionality, but still the most common features include keylogging, the use of RAT tools, and ransomware. 

Despite the core functionality, malware designed to commit financial cybercrime has one end goal: to gain access to a consumer’s personal and financial information.  The problem is that most financial malware is capturing much more than only bank account details or passwords; it is capturing a complete log of everything on the infected device. 

RSA has observed this trend for years.  As we became more mobile as consumers and employees, it was common to conduct business for both our personal and professional lives using the same device.  In time, it was also common for RSA intelligence analysts to discover much more than stolen bank account or credit card information in a Trojan drop zone.  Looking back, here is a small sample of the astounding finds RSA uncovered stolen by financial malware. 

Online Dating. On a popular online dating website, users are allowed to pose questions to a potential date. One suitor asked, “As a former employee of the government, is there anything in your past I should know about?”

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