Fair in Love and War

All Is Fair in Love and War — Except When Swiping Right

Two of the Goliaths of dating apps are having a legal tussle surrounding the intellectual property of one and other. The entities? That would be Bumble and Match.com’s Tinder. The Birth of Bumble In late 2014, Whitney Wolfe Herd and two other Tinder colleagues launched Bumble. She was also one ... Read More
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Application Exceeds its Brief

Privacy: When the Application Exceeds its Brief

The recent imbroglio surrounding Facebook and its Android application exceeding its brief caught the attention of all users. In other words, the application was requesting access to information on your device that really wasn’t necessary for the application to function. The information was collected to allow the recipient (Facebook, in ... Read More
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Scammers Fill Tech Support Void

When Scammers Fill the Tech Support Void

Who hasn’t spent an hour or two searching for the contact information for tech support for an app or website we use regularly? We all have. I still haven’t figured out why those companies that provide tech support tend to hide the connectivity to these saviors of their brand in ... Read More
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Stormy Daniels Lawsuit Contracts

Zuckerberg Unveils the Cyber-Naivete of Congress

The 10-plus hours of Q&A between Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and members of both houses of congress on April 10 and 11 was, in a word, painful. Agonizingly painful, as we watched one senator and congressman/congresswoman after the other demonstrate their lack of basic knowledge of how the internet and ... Read More
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Do Cybercriminals Get Extradited

Do Cybercriminals Ever Get Extradited?

Crime across the internet knows no boundaries, yet cybercriminals initiate their act from a physical location within the geographic boundaries of some nation. Therefore, it stands to reason that victims and law enforcement both have a need to identify the miscreant, so the act that took place within the internet ... Read More
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foreign made software

Foreign or Domestic: Does It Matter Where Your Technology is Made?

“What’s under the hood?” is a question normally associated with the automotive industry, but of late it has woven its way into the national security discussion in the United States, associated with foreign made goods and services. Sometimes the question makes sense; other times … well, your head gets a ... Read More
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Employee Convenience Trumps InfoSec

Employee Convenience Trumps InfoSec

/ / Infosec, IT, security
We are all familiar with the refrain that compliance does not equal security; well, neither does employee convenience. To be sure, any who has been in the workforce for more than a year or two have come across information technology (IT) teams that have, in the name of security, constipated ... Read More
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U.S. Infrastructure Vulnerable Russia

U.S. Infrastructure Vulnerable to Russia (and Others)?

The U.S. Cyber Emergency Response Team (US-CERT) issued an alert March 15, “Russian Government Cyber Activity Targeting Energy and Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors” – Alert TA18-074A. It wasn’t necessarily an ah-ha moment for those in the information security profession, but the level of detail provided within the alert served to ... Read More
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Nation State Cyberespionage

Nation State Cyberespionage: Iran and North Korea

The nation state threat posed by Iran and North Korea is very real. Both have evolved into formidable adversaries for both government and industry. When confronted with the knowledge that either of these country’s intelligence apparatus has their crosshairs ranged in on a country or company, there isn’t an infosec ... Read More
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Nation State Cyberespionage Russia China

Nation State Cyberespionage: Russia and China

Is there anyone who believes the internet is not used for cyberespionage? The world of espionage has been ensconced within the internet seemingly since the first packet was sent via the ARPANET some 45-plus years ago, as the concept of packet switching and the attendant protocols that are the cornerstone ... Read More
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