Roger Clark of Silk Road

The Extradition He Thought Would Never Happen: Roger Clark of Silk Road

Roger Clark, the alleged right-hand man to Silk Road founder and owner Ross Ulbricht, was extradited to the United States earlier this month. His extradition quickly was followed by the unsealing of a grand jury indictment against him. While many cybercriminals count on their ability to work within the margins ... Read More
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Vulnerable to BEC Fraud

Are You Vulnerable to BEC Fraud?

In the security realm, the $64,000 question for many is, “Am I or is my company vulnerable to BEC fraud?” While that’s the money question, perhaps first question should be, “What is BEC fraud?” What is BEC Fraud? BEC—or business email compromise—fraud, according to the FBI, is: “… a sophisticated ... Read More
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Russia’s Seat at Trump-Kim

Russia’s Seat at Trump-Kim Summit was Covert

Much of the world was glued to their television screens or laptops June 12 watching the livestream of the summit meeting between the U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. To say the event was an orchestration would be an understatement: As one would expect, Singapore ... Read More
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China’s Social Credit Score

Big Brother China’s Social Credit Score

Imagine, you’re a Chinese citizen and you walk up to the ticket counter at the railway station and ask to buy a round-trip ticket, Beijing to Shanghai. The clerk asks for proof of identity (or collects it via the app on your smartphone) and checks if your “social credit score” ... Read More
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Espionage of Former CIA Case Officer

The Espionage of Former CIA Case Officer Jerry Chun Shing Lee for China

Was Jerry Chun Shing Lee (aka Zheng Cheng Li) a recruited asset of China’s Ministry for State Security (MSS), or was he a financially strapped former CIA case officer who volunteered his services to commit espionage on behalf of the MSS? It’s a bit like the question concerning the chicken ... Read More
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Panera Bread Data Breach

Panera Bread: Do’s and Don’ts of Data Breach Crisis Management

Let’s step back together and revisit the recent Panera Bread exposure of data associated with millions of its customers. The faulty and vulnerable Panera Bread data configurations were detected in August 2017. Panera apparently was very skeptical of the original security researcher, Dylan Houlihan, and responded to his notification with ... Read More
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The Case of Black Cube

Incompetent Intelligence: The Case of Black Cube

Stand in the center of the capital city of your choice and throw a stone. Odds are, your stone will land in proximity to any of the hundreds of firms whose shingle reads, “Intelligence Contractor.” When you encounter a competent group, you hardly know they are there, such is their ... Read More
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China Steals U.S. Rice Research

Agro-Espionage: How China Tried to Steal U.S. Rice Research

The case of two insiders with connections to China, accused agro-espionage, one within the USDA Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center and the other within Ventria Bioscience, has closed its final chapter with the April sentencing of Wieqiang Zhang to 121 months in a federal prison. The co-conspirators, one a ... Read More
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Fair in Love and War

All Is Fair in Love and War — Except When Swiping Right

Two of the Goliaths of dating apps are having a legal tussle surrounding the intellectual property of one and other. The entities? That would be Bumble and’s Tinder. The Birth of Bumble In late 2014, Whitney Wolfe Herd and two other Tinder colleagues launched Bumble. She was also one ... Read More
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Application Exceeds its Brief

Privacy: When the Application Exceeds its Brief

The recent imbroglio surrounding Facebook and its Android application exceeding its brief caught the attention of all users. In other words, the application was requesting access to information on your device that really wasn’t necessary for the application to function. The information was collected to allow the recipient (Facebook, in ... Read More
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