First Amendment

First Amendment Fight: Twitter Threat Ends in Conviction

First amendment rights in the United States only go so far. Shout “fire” in a crowded room for thrills or threaten to kill someone and you will find yourself on the wrong side of the First Amendment interpretation of what constitutes free speech. Joseph Cecil Vandevere was indicted, then convicted ... Read More
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Twitter Saudi

Saudi Arabia Pays Twitter Insiders $300K for Account Info

In the world of espionage, the nation-state is always looking for insiders with access to desired information, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is no different than any other country. The difference between Saudi Arabia and many other countries is how it uses inside information to monitor their citizenry. Free ... Read More
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FTC Holds Companies Accountable for Online Lead Generators

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) dropped the $30 million hammer on Career Education Corporation (CEC) for using leads obtained from dubious and illegal website operators to engage with prospects with the hope of having the prospect enroll in CEC’s post-secondary schools. This is one of the first cases in which ... Read More
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identity fraud

Service Members Targeted in Identity Fraud Scheme

Five individuals were indicted for the reprehensible crime of defrauding U.S. military veterans and current service members of their benefits. The five accused of the fraud are identified as Robert Wayne Boling Jr., Fredrick Brown and Trorice Crawford, all U.S. citizens; Allan Albert Kerr, an Australian citizen; and Jongmin Seok, ... Read More
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Former Google-Waymo Engineer Levandowski Charged With IP Theft

Some 18 months after Uber cleared the air with Waymo (an Alphabet/Google company) via a civil settlement then worth $245 million in Uber stock, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) unsealed a federal grand jury indictment of Anthony Levandowski, the individual central to the entire intellectual property (IP) theft of ... Read More
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national security

Commerce Bureau Pegs More National Security Risks

The Department of Commerce’s U.S. Bureau of Industry and Commerce (BIC) has added 17 organizations from 11 countries to its “entity list,” citing national security concerns. Presence on the list means the organization or enterprise is presumed to be acting counter to the national security interests of the United States ... Read More
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Chinese Accounts Punted Off Twitter, Facebook for Dissing Hong Kong

Influence operations are not limited to Russia, as evidenced by the Chinese efforts to cast the Hong Kong protests as tantamount to the equivalent of a terrorist-backed activity. On Aug. 19, Twitter and Facebook both took to their blogs and revealed how they were attempting to clean up their own ... Read More
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FBI Orders Up Social Media Monitoring Tool

In an interesting turn of events—and no doubt tangentially connected—the FBI and the White House are contemporaneously calling for the monitoring of social networks to detect mass shooting- and terrorist-related threats. Let’s look at the FBI’s proposal. The FBI has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a “Social Media ... Read More
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Hong Kong violence

Hong Kong Violence Instigated by Jason Bourne

| | china, CIA, hong kong
A message was sent to Washington via China Daily July 25, when Beijing warned about bringing Taiwan and Hong Kong into the greater U.S.-China trade discussions. Then the fun started. The social network Twitter saw numerous allegations levied against individuals present at the Hong Kong demonstrations that the protesters were ... Read More
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spear phishing attacks

Business Email Compromise Continues to Plague

It seems that an annual jaunt through the success cybercriminals are having with business email compromise (BEC) and fleecing money from companies, organizations and governmental entities is a requirement. Last year we asked the question, “Are you vulnerable to BEC fraud?” defining BEC and sharing with you the activities of ... Read More
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