Akamai Platform Update: Empowering Serverless Compute and APIs for microservices

Platform Update: Akamai Boosts Edge Application Power, Expanding Possibilities for Developers

Welcome to the Akamai Platform Update -- two days of new capabilities and innovations across our edge technology and security product portfolios. Today, we look at our edge technology products, which include edge computing, edge delivery (CDN), and other complementary products and services that help customers drive great digital experiences ... Read More

Preparing the Edge for a Big Year in Live Streaming

Next year is shaping up to be a big one for live streaming. Typically characteristic of even years, when many major international sporting events take place, 2021 looks like it could defy the trend. Akamai is predicting an unprecedented surge in live streaming that will start in late 2020 and ... Read More
What's New in Edge Delivery

What’s New in Edge Delivery

Welcome to day two of the Akamai Platform Update! Today, we're focusing on Akamai's edge delivery products as well as other complimentary products that help drive great digital experiences. The last several months have been nothing short of unprecedented as lockdowns, quarantines, and other protective measures enacted by governments and ... Read More
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Ensuring Business Continuity During Peak Times: 6 Recommendations to Optimize Streaming and Download Bandwidth Usage

| | CDN, Media Delivery
A sudden and dramatic surge in internet traffic, much of which is driven by video streaming and game and software download events, is testing network infrastructures with unprecedented volume. The 30% increase in global traffic Akamai delivered from the edge ... Read More

March 2020 – What’s New in Delivery, Services and Support

Welcome to Day 3 of Akamai's March 2020 Release. Before we dive into today's new and exciting announcements, just a reminder of the week's schedule: Monday was Day 1 for security with enhancements to Bot Manager, Fast DNS, Kona Site ... Read More
Akamai Improves Global Delivery Performance

Akamai Improves Global Delivery Performance

| | Media Delivery
As part of Akamai's ongoing investments in improving delivery performance, last month we completed the worldwide deployment of the Bottleneck Bandwidth and RTT (BBR) TCP congestion control algorithm across our Edge Platform. The BBR algorithm is designed to help improve ... Read More
October 2019 - What's New in Media?

October 2019 – What’s New in Media?

Today, Akamai announced the October 2019 Release, which introduces new capabilities to our Media product line with a focus on helping customers accelerate their cloud transformation using the power of the edge. Within Media, the new enhancements are highlighted by: ... Read More

The Financial Implications of Online Video Quality

A single instance of video rebuffering could result in more than $85,000 in lost revenue. That's one of the key findings in Understanding the Value of Consistency in OTT Video Delivery, a new report that Akamai has released in conjunction ... Read More
Securing CDN Delivery with TLS at Massive Scale

Securing CDN Delivery with TLS at Massive Scale

| | CDN, Media, Media Delivery
Over the last few years, there have been several cryptographic protocol improvements including the introduction of Transport Layer Security (TLS). Meanwhile, HTTPS requirements from major browsers, social networks, standards bodies launching new protocols, i.e. HTTP/2, and other major Internet players have helped facilitate a transition to TLS ... Read More
Streamline OTT Delivery using Cloud Origins with Cloud Wrapper

Streamline OTT Delivery using Cloud Origins with Cloud Wrapper

By 2020, an estimated 92% of all workloads will be processed in cloud data centers. The emergence of public cloud providers has changed the way organizations build, deploy and manage their applications and workflows ... Read More