October 2019 – What’s New in Media?

Today, Akamai announced the October 2019 Release, which introduces new capabilities to our Media product line with a focus on helping customers accelerate their cloud transformation using the power of the edge. Within Media, the new enhancements are highlighted by:

  • Scalable forensic watermarking support from the Akamai Edge, pre-integrated with leading third-party providers to provide a more effective way to trace piracy back to the source.
  • The new Access Revocation API, which can be used to shut down sources of piracy first hand in near real time.
  • Segment Prefetch and Quick Retry, two new capabilities that help Adaptive Media Delivery customers continue to improve video streaming performance, including faster video startups and fewer rebuffering occurrences.

To learn more about what’s new for your products, continue reading below:

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Adaptive Media Delivery

With the October Release, Adaptive Media Delivery introduces new performance enhancements that enable customers to continue to deliver superior online video streaming quality as well as secure their premium content against unauthorized access or piracy.

Key Features*

Quick Retry

Optimizes video playback quality by intelligently detecting and avoiding network bottlenecks when delivering video. When slow connectivity is detected across the middle mile of the internet, dynamic routing is used to attempt a different connection path, resulting in fewer rebuffering events.  

Segment Prefetch

Improves video startup times and minimizes rebuffering occurrences by pre-positioning anticipated video segments at the edge during playback, reducing latency to the user and improving video segment download times. This feature can be enabled by customers in Akamai control center and support for 3rd part origins is available using an open spec.



Access Revocation

An API that provides customers the ability to revoke an active video streaming session in real-time for viewers that are either unauthorized or the source of piracy.




Scalable forensic watermarking support from the Akamai Edge, pre-integrated with several leading third-party providers using an open specification. This two-step watermarking solution provides an edge function to do A/B switching that is robust, secure, scalable and works with leading watermarking solutions.





 Media Services Live

Media Services Live adds new capabilities that make it easier to integrate with third-party ad insertion systems as well as a service that simplifies VOD clip creation from live streams.

Key Features*

Enhanced DAI Integration

A new streamlined workflow enables customers to self-integrate third-party dynamic ad insertion systems with Akamai using Akamai Control Center. The simplified integration gets customers up and running faster with ad insertion partners so they can begin monetizing video streams at scale.

Live-to-VOD Clipping

Allows customers to clip from live streams and create VOD content for catch-up TV, highlight creation and standalone VOD assets. This service dramatically decreases the window between when content is streamed live and when it is available on demand, offering a quick and simple way to extend and monetize content.

*Additional Resources

The October 2019 Release introduces a large number of new and updated features across several Akamai media products. For the full list of updates or to request a walkthrough of new capabilities available changes with your products, please contact your account team or click on the “Get In Touch” button to the right.


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