Securing CDN Delivery with TLS at Massive Scale

The growth of HTTPS on the Internet

Amidst ever-growing security concerns, providing protected Internet connections is more important than ever. The movement towards an Internet that places more emphasis on data integrity and confidentiality is taking place swiftly. HTTP connections are giving way to HTTPS as the growth in encrypted communications continues.

Over the last few years, there have been several cryptographic protocol improvements including the introduction of Transport Layer Security (TLS). Meanwhile, HTTPS requirements from major browsers, social networks, standards bodies launching new protocols, i.e. HTTP/2, and other major Internet players have helped facilitate a transition to TLS.

Akamai’s Options for HTTPS Delivery

The movement towards an internet that places more emphasis on data integrity and confidentiality is something that Akamai has worked towards for quite some time. Today, customers can already choose the Enhanced TLS option of Akamai’s media delivery and web performance products. This option provides heightened levels of TLS encryption including physical security measures in order to meet PCI compliance requirements.

As more and more Internet traffic transitions to HTTPS, it’s increasingly apparent many sites, apps and media content will not need the physical security measures that PCI compliance requires to serve their internet traffic securely to end users. Instead, more customers require the global scale, performance and flexibility over their certificate type to support custom “vanity” domains. This is often the case with media traffic.

To make it easier for customers with these requirements, Akamai offers Standard TLS, which is now generally available for customers to support massive volumes of TLS encrypted traffic from the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform.

Standard TLS is offered as an included feature for Akamai’s Delivery products: Adaptive Media Delivery, Download Delivery and Object Delivery as well as most web performance products. Customers that have higher security and compliance requirements (such as PCI compliance for digital properties that handle financial transactions) can continue to utilize the Enhanced TLS offering.

Standard TLS supports SNI certs only; and includes 1 DV SAN SNI cert at no cost. Utilizing SNI enables Akamai to deliver HTTPS traffic at massive scale.

Akamai is committed to making it easy for customers to move all traffic on the Akamai Intelligent Platform to HTTPS in order to provide more secure communications with internet users without any performance, scale or reach restrictions.

Where to Learn More

For more information on enabling Standard TLS for media delivery products click on the links below:

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If you have additional questions about Standard TLS for your site or app, please contact you Akamai Sales Representative.



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