5G: Big CSP “Security as a Service” Opportunity

Big CSP Security as a Service Opportunity with 5G

The migration of cellular telecommunications from 4G networks to 5G provides many opportunities for mobile operators. However, with high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and dynamic network slicing capabilities, 5G is not just another bigger, better, faster network than 4G. It is a completely new concept in network design that enables CSPs to provision multiple services, while providing each one with specific, service-based requirements. Some of the services that the 5G network is designed to support include massive IoT communications (for example smart parking meters), and mission-critical IoT communications (such as connected cars). However, in this blog I shall touch on yet another opportunity that 5G brings for CSPs—the delivery of Security as a Service (SECaaS) on top of fixed-wireless communications.

With the ability to deliver 1 Gbps to a 5G device, and the facility to control quality throughout the network (for example, optimizing video and gaming services), 5G can provide wireless home Internet connectivity as a viable alternative to existing fixed access technologies such as, xDSL, cable, and fiber. All of this can be performed without the use of wiring—a virtual Plug-and-Play solution.

In the 5G world, fixed-wireless networks can provide a whole new set of services that the mobile operator can (Read more...)

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