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Cybercrime Results Are In and The Winner Is?

If there is one trend to glean about where cybercrime is headed in 2019, it would be an upward trajectory across all facets.  In fact, if cybercrime were a real business, it might be one stock market enthusiasts would consider investing in. At least that is what the 2018 data has shown.  From phishing attacks and mobile fraud to cybercrime on social media, attacks grew in every category. 

Some highlights from the latest RSA® Quarterly Fraud Report include:

  • Phishing accounted for 49 percent of all fraud attacks observed by RSA in Q4.  Canada, Spain, and the Netherlands were most targeted by phishing and represented 71 percent of total attack volume.  Most notably, Spain saw a 178 percent increase in phishing attacks from Q3 due to the launch of new instant transfer services among many of the leading banks in the region.
  • Total phishing volume increased 12 percent and social media and brand abuse attacks increased 43 percent in 2018. 
  • Total Trojan attacks detected by RSA in 2018 was 22,489, an 8 percent increase from 2017.
  • RSA detected 10,390 rogue mobile applications, an 11 percent increase over Q3r and 22 percent of total fraud attacks.
  • The overall number of fraudulent financial transactions increased 28 percent, with 70 percent originating in the mobile channel.
  • ard-not-present (CNP) fraud transactions increased 12 percent last quarter, and 80 percent of those originated from a new device. 
  • RSA recovered over 10.7 million unique compromised cards in Q4, a (Read more...)

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