Determinants of Success in Tomorrow’s Ultra-Connected World

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A growing number of players, from Mobile Network Operators to Mobile Virtualized Network Operators, are vying for their share of today’s competitive telecoms market. With brand loyalty a thing of the past, only those telecom operators, who can identify new ways to add value to their subscribers, while positively impacting their bottom line, will carve out a niche for themselves in 2019.

Outlined below are the key indicators of success for telecom operators this year.


While it’s true that 5G migration commenced in 2019, the hard reality is that the real shift to 5G, which is set to be a service-based network on a fully virtualized infrastructure, requires significant commitment of time, knowledge and resources. It requires a massive shift in both mindset and technology – on the vendor and operator side – to enable seamless integration of a diverse collection of virtual software.

However, with the imminent onset of 5G, one area that will have the biggest impact is IoT – more specifically – IoT security. Since 5G will support millions of IoT devices, operators are becoming concerned that the IoT devices are going to attack the network from the outside. This presents network (Read more...)

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