CSPs Have a Chance to Address Consumer IoT Security Needs

(The following article is reprinted from Brilliance Security Magazine)

Consumer cybersecurity needs have significantly changed over the past years. With the rising global dependence on smart devices for everything from waking up in the morning to dimming the lights at night, it is safe to say that smart homes are the new normal. However, there remains a glaring issue in this new connected reality. As is evident from the multiple headlines around security breaches that take place every day, bad actors are continuously on the lookout for opportunities to gain access to consumer devices and prey on their vulnerabilities. With the connectivity that IoT delivers, hackers have the opportunity to cast their nets further and deeper into the very centers of consumers’ lives.

Unfortunately, available end-point solutions are deemed ineffective when it comes to IoT security. While they address many security holes for common devices such as laptops and mobile phones, they fail to address the security of more recent IoT devices like connected toys or smart dishwashers. This, coupled with growing awareness around data privacy and security, has left IoT consumers searching for comprehensive solutions that can address their evolving security needs.

Security Threats Associated with Consumer IoT

Most consumer IoT devices, especially cheaper ones, lack built-in security, (Read more...)

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