phishing attack

Attackers Host Phishing Pages on Azure

Researchers have recently seen phishing attacks against Office 365 users wherein fake log-in pages were hosted on Microsoft Azure to give them more credibility. According to researchers from security firm EdgeWave, the ...
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Zero-day Threats Detection

New Shlayer Malware Variant Targeting Macs

Security researchers have found a new variant of a trojan program dubbed Shlayer that infects Mac computers and disables the macOS Gatekeeper security agent. Shlayer was discovered a year ago by researchers ...
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insider threat

Serious Vulnerability Found in Lifesize Business Videoconferencing Devices

A security researcher from security firm Trustwave has found a vulnerability that could allow hackers to take over videoconferencing devices made by Lifesize. Some of the affected products have reached end-of-sale or ...
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Microsoft Age of Collaboration

FaceTime Group Chat Disabled Due to Snooping Bug

Apple has disabled the group chat feature in its FaceTime video calling app after a bug was discovered that allows callers to remotely turn on the microphones on the recipients’ devices. The ...
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SSD Advisory – SME Server Unauthenticated XSS To Privileged Remote Code Execution

SSD Advisory – SME Server Unauthenticated XSS To Privileged Remote Code Execution

Vulnerabilities Summary The following advisory describes a vulnerability in SME Server 9.2, which lets an unauthenticated attackers perform XSS attack that leads to remote code execution as root. SME Server is a ...

Researcher Drops Third Windows Zero-Day Exploit in Four Months

A security researcher who uses the online handle SandboxEscaper has published proof-of-concept exploit code for an unpatched vulnerability in Windows. The flaw is located in the “MsiAdvertiseProduct” function, which, according to Microsoft’s ...
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Barracuda Networks ATO Attacks

Business Email Compromise Gang Targeted 50,000 Company Executives

A Nigerian gang with members based in the U.K. is perpetrating a business email compromise operation aimed squarely at executives at companies with locations worldwide. The gang has compiled a target list ...
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cyber attacks

Cisco Takes Another Stab at Patching Recent WebEx Vulnerability

Cisco Systems has released a new patch for a remotely exploitable privilege escalation vulnerability after security researchers found that its previous fix was incomplete. The company first patched the vulnerability, known as ...
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Akamai JavaScript

Hackers Exploit Critical Flaw in WordPress GDPR Compliance Plug-in

Hackers are breaking into WordPress websites by exploiting a recently patched privilege escalation vulnerability in a popular plug-in that allows site owners to conform to the GDPR user data collection requirements. The ...
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fileless malware

Zero-Day Exploit Published for VM Escape Flaw in VirtualBox

A security researcher disclosed a yet unpatched zero-day vulnerability in the popular VirtualBox virtualization software that can be exploited from a guest operating system to break out of the virtual machine and ...
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