Imperva: Building Real-Time Streaming Data Pipelines Using Amazon MSK

How Imperva Leverages AWS to Help Customers Prevent Attacks

At Imperva, we’re passionate about being a trusted security partner for our customers, so we continually invest in the availability, resiliency, and scalability of our global network. We’ve made significant investments over the past year to expand our cloud footprint, including rebuilding and migrating our entire data pipeline to AWS ... Read More

Wake up and smell the Javascript – website supply chain puts online retail at risk

There are more than 1.8 billion websites online today, and almost 98% of them are powered by JavaScript. There’s a good reason for this: JavaScript’s flexibility and portability enable the rich online functionality we’ve all come to know and love. But what happens when that same functionality becomes a significant ... Read More

When data privacy and protection are rights, don’t get it wrong

Twenty-one years ago, Latanya Sweeney showed that it’s possible to uniquely identify 87% of Americans with just three pieces of personal data: gender, ZIP code and full date of birth. Long before anyone had heard the words ‘data lake’, ‘cloud storage’ or ‘big data’, nevermind ‘social media’, it was clear ... Read More
Sharper DDoS 1

Shorter, sharper DDoS attacks are on the rise – and attackers are sidestepping traditional mitigation approaches

Imagine that your network is under attack. A couple of minutes ago, you detected a large burst of traffic, out of nowhere. Now it’s in excess of 60 Gbps, and overwhelming your network. Your mitigation service hasn’t picked up the attack yet, and you’re just about to take a closer ... Read More

Cheap and nasty: How for $100 low-skilled ransom DDoS extortionists can cripple your business

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks capable of crippling network resources and websites can be rented online for as little as $5 an hour. With an average financial impact of $100k for just one hour of downtime, that’s a serious return on cybercriminal investment. And that’s just for the ‘bargain ... Read More