Combating Alert Fatigue with the MixMode AI Assistant

Josh Snow Senior Sales Engineer

Josh is a Senior Sales Engineer at MixMode and Cybersecurity professional with 15+ years experience delivering next-generation solutions to the industry. Josh has certifications including CSE, CCENT, CCNA, CCDA, LCSE, and IPC.

Combating alert fatigue is a huge challenge faced by SOC analysts and security companies alike. The overwhelming flood of rules-based alerts and notifications can often lead to missed critical incidents and increased false positives. In this video demo, I preview the MixMode AI Assistant, a cutting-edge solution that leverages a unique combination of rank scores and risk scores to reduce alert volume, prioritize critical events, and enhance overall security operations.

The Power of the MixMode AI Assistant

This Generative AI system combines rank scores with risk scores to analyze and prioritize alerts effectively. The rank score represents the severity of intel indicators, which are rule-based alerts, including traditional signatures and custom rules. The risk score is an AI-driven determination derived from deviations from the norm, using MixMode’s generative AI  model approach. Together, they provide SOC analysts a  prioritized view of just the alerts that need attention. 

Reducing Alerts with the MixMode AI Assistant

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the MixMode AI Assistant, I show in the video above, an example environment that prior to implementation had encountered a staggering 2661 alerts in the last 24 hours. This overload of notifications posed a significant challenge for their security operations. However, when they engaged the MixMode AI Assistant, the results were remarkable. The system successfully reduced the number of alerts by an impressive 83%, leaving them with just 439 prioritized events to investigate.

Unveiling Prioritized Alerts

The MixMode AI Assistant can help SOC analysts focus on the most crucial events – as simple as that. The system neatly categorizes alerts and presents associated labels for easy understanding. By clicking on specific alerts, SOC analysts can access detailed information, enabling them to take informed actions swiftly.

The Synergy of Rule-Based and AI-Driven Alerts

The true power of the MixMode AI Assistant lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate traditional rule-based alerts with AI-driven risk scores. This dynamic synergy ensures that critical events are identified, eliminating false positives and duplicate notifications. The rule-based tripwire provides the stability of established security protocols, while the AI-driven risk scores add a layer of adaptability and real-time analysis.

MixMode Combats Alert Fatigue

The MixMode AI Assistant proves to be a game-changer in combating alert fatigue and streamlining security operations. By reducing the alert volume by 83% in this example, and effectively prioritizing critical incidents, it empowers security teams to focus on what truly matters. 

If you want to witness firsthand how the MixMode AI Assistant can revolutionize your security operations, request a demo today. See for yourself how MixMode can make a significant impact on your security posture. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your cybersecurity defenses and stay ahead of emerging threats with MixMode.

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