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Collecting and Storing Private Data

How to Protect Structured and Unstructured Data

Every effective PII protection effort addresses three critical imperatives – data discovery, access governance and risk mitigation. IT teams grappling with privacy mandates need to consider these factors across their unstructured and ...
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IoT security

How To Tackle the 5 Biggest Enterprise IoT Security Challenges

The proliferation of IoT devices, particularly in the workplace, has left businesses with a new set of security challenges to deal with. For any company considering investing in IoT devices, it is ...
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protecting data

The Importance of Protecting the Right Data

Compliance regulations are putting tighter controls on protecting data. What do companies need to know? Regardless of size and shape, all organizations face similar challenges when it comes to storing and safeguarding ...
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How Our Threat Analytics Multi-Region Data Lake on AWS Stores More, Slashes Costs

How Our Threat Analytics Multi-Region Data Lake on AWS Stores More, Slashes Costs

Data is the lifeblood of digital businesses, and a key competitive advantage. The question is: how can you store your data cost-efficiently, access it quickly, while abiding by privacy laws? At Imperva, ...

To Get Full AI Payoff, Invest First in Data Management

Garbage in, garbage out. That’s long been the issue for successful data analytics, and it’s an even bigger issue today, given the rapid pace of investment in artificial intelligence (AI). About 80 percent of enterprises report ...
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