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Biggest Twitter Breach: Accounts of US High-profiles Hacked in Bitcoin Scam

“We are giving back to our community. We support Bitcoin and we believe you should too! All Bitcoin sent toContinue reading The post Biggest Twitter Breach: Accounts of US High-profiles Hacked in ...
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Apple & Uber Hacked In Twitter Attack! 

On 15th July 2020, around 04:00 pm in the US, many high-profile Twitter accounts of personalities including Barack Obama, ElonContinue reading The post Apple & Uber Hacked In Twitter Attack! appeared first ...

Levandowski Admits to Stealing Waymo’s IP

The prosecution of former Google engineer Anthony Levandowski ended March 20 when he agreed to plead guilty to one count of theft and attempted theft of trade secrets from Alphabet’s Waymo after ...
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Men paid $100K by Uber to hush up hack plead guilty to extortion scheme

Two hackers face up to five years in prison after pleading guilty to their involvement in a scheme which saw them attempt to extort money from Uber and LinkedIn in exchange for ...
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GDPR: One Year On, Lessons Learned

On May 25, 2018, the EU rolled out a new set of data privacy laws under the General Data Protection Regulation, more commonly known as GDPR. The aim of GDPR was to ...
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Former Google-Waymo Engineer Levandowski Charged With IP Theft

Some 18 months after Uber cleared the air with Waymo (an Alphabet/Google company) via a civil settlement then worth $245 million in Uber stock, the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) unsealed a ...
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Did Uber Use Spyware on Rival Taxi Firm? Yes (and No)

“Ride sharing” company stands accused of using spyware to damage a competitor’s business: An Australian taxi startup says Uber poached its drivers by spying on their movements. Uber blames one rogue employee ...
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Cyber Security Roundup for November 2018

One of the largest data breaches in history was announced by Marriott Hotels at the end of November. A hack was said to have compromised up to a mind-blowing "half a Billion" ...
UK fine against Uber for 2016 data breach would be 200 times bigger in 2018

UK fine against Uber for 2016 data breach would be 200 times bigger in 2018

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Uber’s widely publicized data leak from two years ago has finally resulted in a fine from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. The penalty would have been 203 times the amount if the ...
GDPR: Privacy Uber Alles

GDPR: Privacy Uber Alles (Literally)

When the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became effective, most companies, especially in the United States, had a  few simple thoughts. First, “Am I covered?” In other words, does GDPR apply ...
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