Authy Breach Impact & RockYou 2024 Password Leak

Authy Breach: What It Means for You, RockYou 2024 Password Leak

In episode 338, we discuss the recent breach of the two-factor authentication provider Authy and its implications for users. We also explore a massive password list leak titled ‘Rock You 2024’ that ...
Passkeys: The Future of Passwordless Authentication

Passkeys: The Future of Passwordless Authentication

Say goodbye to passwords! Passkeys are the next generation of authentication, offering enhanced security and convenience. Learn how passkeys work, their benefits over passwords, and why they are the future of secure ...

Urgency on Password Management

As a security professional I’d like you to consider the following scenario.  You’re constantly adding new laptops to your organization, devices that connect to your corporate networks and will hold and transit ...
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Mapping Your Path to Passwordless

Navigating the shift to passwordless authentication via digital certificates demands a visionary approach that considers the immediate benefits while strategically planning for future scalability and adaptability ...
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The Next Year in Cybersecurity: Quantum, Generative AI and LLMs & Passwords

Cybersecurity professionals will finally have the chance to harness AI for good, and more efficiently and effectively than attackers ...
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GitLab Fixes Password Reset Bug That Allows Account Takeover

GitLab is releasing a patch to fix a vulnerability in its email verification process that bad actors can exploit to reset user passwords and take over accounts. The flaw, CVE-2023-7028, was introduced ...
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Embattled LastPass Enforcing 12-Character Passwords for All

Password manager vendor LastPass, beset by high-profile data breaches from 2022 that affected millions of users, is strengthening the security requirements for its customers, including requiring all of them to use a ...
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Password Security for the Elderly: Tips and Best Practices

Password Security for the Elderly: Tips and Best Practices

In episode 308, we discuss the often overlooked topic of password management for the elderly. Addressing the commonly held belief that writing down passwords is a bad idea, we discuss the nuances ...