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Amazon Sidewalk, Apple AirTag and Involuntary Sharing

If you own an Amazon device (Ring, Echo, Dot, Plus, Show, Spot, Studio, Input or Flex) then starting this week, you may be sharing at least some attributes of your device with ...
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Google mobile Cybersecurity Issues in Mobile App Development

Security Vs. Convenience: Navigating the Mobile World

The emergence of COVID-19 vaccines has offered the UK light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. However, even with an increasingly vaccinated workforce, it remains unlikely that we will witness a ...
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Jailbreak or Jail – Is Hacking for the Government A Crime?

After the horrific shooting in San Bernardino, California, federal law enforcement officers seized the now-dead suspect’s iPhone, and sought to examine it. However, the phone was “locked” using proprietary hardware and software ...
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Tips From a Hacker to Keep Smartphones Safe

We can do many things using our mobile devices: hail a taxi, book a hotel, send and receive money, purchase goods online or in-store, chat and share media files, control other devices ...
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