How dormakaba maintains email security through acquisition after acquisition

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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) can stimulate growth, provide opportunities to obtain a competitive advantage, increase market share, and even consolidate supply chains to reduce overhead costs. For example, when DORMA and Kaba ...

Managing Risk During an M&A

Build cybersecurity due diligence processes into your M&A strategy to protect your organization against security risks A merger or acquisition can introduce security risks, sometimes years after the transaction is finalized. In ...
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Sophos CEO: Pending Acquisition Part of Larger Services Shift

The pending $3.9 billion acquisition of Sophos by Thoma Bravo, announced this week, is part of a larger effort to transform how cybersecurity is achieved and maintained. Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman said ...
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M&A and Networks: Creating an Expandable, Secure IT Architecture

Software-defined networks can be an efficient way to blend networks without compromising security Mergers and acquisitions inherently create times of growth, opportunity and excitement for enterprises, but they also can create challenges ...
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Web Security Leader Rapidly Expands by Partnering with AWS and Imperva

Companies try to plan and pace their growth. Those plans go out the window when a merger or acquisition happens, as it did to DigiCert Inc. DigiCert, based in Lehi, Utah, had ...
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M&A Cybersecurity: Lessons from the Marriott Breach

The new year is a time of reflection and learning from the mistakes of the past. For many organizations, that means re-evaluating their security posture and making improvements—whether they experienced a breach ...
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Marriott: The Case for Cybersecurity Due Diligence During M&A

Marriott: The Case for Cybersecurity Due Diligence During M&A

If ever there was a perfectly packaged case study on data breaches, it’s Marriott’s recently disclosed megabreach. Last week, the hotel chain announced that its Starwood guest reservation system was hacked in ...