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Network Security: 5 Fundamentals for 2021

In January 2020, no one could have predicted how unpredictable the coming year would be. But despite the seismic changes to the way we work, the biggest network security threats to organizations ...
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Embrace Cloud-based OT/IoT Cybersecurity Now with Vantage

Vantage is the first SaaS platform for OT and IoT security. Find out how it helps you unleash the power of digital transformation with anywhere, anytime security monitoring and threat detection. The ...

Embracing SaaS Productivity Without Sacrificing Security

We are living in very interesting times. Organizations of all sizes and across all industries have been migrating to the cloud for years. Those that were not already actively engaged in digital ...

Introducing Vantage – Our New SaaS Product for OT & IoT Security

Introducing Vantage, our new SaaS product that leverages the power & simplicity of the cloud to deliver unmatched security & visibility across OT, IoT & IT. The post Introducing Vantage – Our ...
multi-vector EDR

Black Hat Conference: Multi-Vector EDR, With Qualys

Black Hat USA went virtual this year, thanks to COVID-19. Nonetheless, as always it was chock full of compelling stuff. I had the honor of hosting a session during the weeklong event, ...
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Reblaze vendor access management

Cybersecurity Cloud Transition Likely to Accelerate

With more cybersecurity professionals being required to work from home, the rate at which cloud security tools have been transitioning to the cloud may be about to accelerate. A survey of 130 ...
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