serverless security

Top 5 Open Source Serverless Security Tools

Here are some useful open source serverless security tools to help you secure your apps The growing popularity of serverless architecture has led to its massive adoption. My organization has jumped on ...
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security testing

5 Good Reasons to Outsource Security Testing

If you’re a software publisher, security testing is a hugely important part of your process. You must be able to give users the confidence that the products you offer aren’t vulnerable to ...
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Why Traditional Security Is Failing Us

This is the first part of a two-part series that explores the reasons behind the failure of security technologies to protect companies and their data from emerging threats in the age of ...
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security testing

7 Linux Distros for Security Testing

Linux is often talked about when it comes to security. With this OS, you can choose from a multitude of distributions (distros) to lock down your computer or device, but that’s just ...
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zero trust

Transforming Security Through Zero Trust

You may have heard the phrase “zero trust” being thrown around quite a bit lately. While it may sound dystopian, zero trust is, I believe, a framework that embodies not only a ...
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data security

Shared Responsibility in Data Security

We need to reassess how we define data security and where we place responsibility in protecting our data online. Over the past decade, consumers have enjoyed increasingly convenient, often free services in ...
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The Security Challenges of the Cloud

As more companies transition to the cloud, their sensitive corporate- and compliance-related data are no longer stored and used behind multiple layers of perimeter security. Instead, security teams are faced with multiple ...
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Sign in with Apple

Why Sign in with Apple Is a Good Thing

Mobile app developers who care about security will be excited to implement Sign in with Apple and see how this balance of user experience, privacy and security will propel the industry forward ...
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third party

Keeping Systems Safe From Third Parties

Vendors. Supply chain partners. Third parties. Contractors. All are different names for entities that might need access to your corporate networks and systems. But they have one important thing in common: They ...
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DevSecOps: The Best Security Strategy in 2020

Moving to a DevSecOps way of development ensures security from day one and reduces the possibility of data breaches later on Too often, developers overlook security testing until the end of the ...
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