Breaking RSA with a Quantum Computer

A group of Chinese researchers have just published a paper claiming that they can—although they have not yet done so—break 2048-bit RSA. This is something to take seriously. It might not be ...
SolarWinds hackers

SolarWinds Hackers Targeting Government Agencies Via Email

Threat actor Nobeliumm, the state-backed Russian group of cybercriminals behind last year’s SolarWinds hacking campaign, has launched a new attack targeting government agencies, think tanks, consultants and non-governmental organizations, according to Microsoft ...
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zero-trust Implementing Zero-Trust Model

Protecting the Hybrid Cloud With Zero-Trust

Cloud security is tough enough, but hybrid cloud adds a few extra challenges, such as visibility between cloud platforms and the difficulty of remaining current with compliance protocols for industry and government ...
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review board CISCO Board Onboard with Security

The Establishment of a Cyber Safety Review Board

In 2013, the Obama Administration began asking what government could do to improve cybersecurity. By February 2014, Farnam Jahanian, Assistant Director for Computer and Information Science and Engineering at the National Science ...
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CHIPS US U.S. State digital national security cybersecurity executive order Cyber Strategy

A Cyber Executive Order For the 21st Century

The long-expected Executive Order On Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity was published Wednesday, May 12, 2021. My initial reaction is positive. It calls for using multifactor authentication and encryption within Federal agencies after ...
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Collecting and Storing Private Data

How to Protect Structured and Unstructured Data

Every effective PII protection effort addresses three critical imperatives – data discovery, access governance and risk mitigation. IT teams grappling with privacy mandates need to consider these factors across their unstructured and ...
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cyberattacks mesh Blumira midsize SMBs DarkSide third-party risk management

DarkSide Offered Ransomware-as-a-Service Before Pipeline Attack

Colonial Pipeline might be tight-lipped about the vulnerability hackers exploited to launch a ransomware attack that shut down the U.S.’s largest pipeline, but details are emerging about the DarkSide ransomware variant behind ...
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Colonial Pipeline vulnerabilities pipedream supply chains CI/CD pipeline dev environment Linux

Of Pipelines And Cybersecurity

One of the scariest phrases I have ever encountered is “gasoline pipeline” –thousands of miles of three foot diameter pipes buried in the ground for decades carrying billions of gallons of one ...
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government legacy remote work cities mayors collaboration remote workforce security

Protecting Collaboration Channels for Remote Work

As COVID-19 unfolded in the first half of 2020, many of us set out to explore its long-term ramifications and imagine what the ‘new normal’ could look like. We also wanted to ...
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data classification security

The Security Industry is Protecting the Wrong Thing

When the security industry talks about a data breach, often the first question asked involves the state of the victim’s network security – not the breach of data. Why is this? It’s ...
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