Is COVID-19 Changing Facial Recognition for Good?

Last month, a video from a smart doorbell of a delivery man doing a quick hopscotch after dropping off the package went viral. The ease with which it was shared as a lighthearted clip meant to make us smile shows just how normal we see surveillance as part of our ... Read More

Public Health and Misinformation During COVID-19

A slew of misinformation has accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic. False claims about how the virus spreads, how it can be prevented and steps that governments are taking have been making their way across the internet. Stopping this spread of misinformation is no easy task when it’s shared rapidly across social ... Read More

Building Trust in Communications: In Conversation with Safe House Project

Earlier this week, Vaporstream CEO Galina Datskovsky and Safe House Project co-founder Brittany Dunn connected to talk about trust in communications, and the role technology plays in building that trust. The two organizations partner to serve and empower survivors of child sex trafficking in America with private, secure communication technology ... Read More

Move over Purell, Is Your Data Safe?

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With so many people now working remotely, cyber hygiene is especially important because people are often handing private, sensitive information at home. Complicating that, there’s also been a rise in hackers targeting businesses. Cyber hygiene means taking active steps to improve your cybersecurity while browsing the web, communicating and other ... Read More

Handling Hackers During the Coronavirus

As businesses transition to work from home situations during the Coronavirus, they have to contend with an old, but strong challenge: hackers. Hackers have been quick to take advantage of the pandemic. They are preying upon people’s concerns such as sending phishing emails with supposed information about the pandemic or ... Read More

Healthcare Communications During a Crisis

Healthcare workers are turning to technology to address the rapid spread of the Coronavirus. The pandemic is providing unique challenges—like finding ways to screen and treat patients while still containing the virus. Private communications tools can help healthcare workers address these challenges while providing quality care to patients. Here’s how ... Read More

How to Protect Your Business from Ransomware

After a series of ransomware attacks hit cities last year, finally some good news: Las Vegas was able to stop a ransomware cyber-attack in its tracks. When the cyber-attack was detected, the city responded by taking down its computer network to investigate the threat. Systems were back up with everything ... Read More

Privacy Takeaways from 2019

This was the year that privacy came to call. Privacy violations ran rampant in the news and everyone from the government to consumers to companies were suddenly hyper focused on privacy. The range of reactions – from mere lip service claiming privacy is important to concrete changes in company policies ... Read More
Completing Your Circle of Care with Vaporstream Secure Messaging

How HIPAA-Compliant Communication Tools Can Prepare Home Healthcare for PDGM

The new home healthcare Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) released by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) goes into effect after January 1, 2020. With it, payment periods will be cut in half and therapy volume will no longer be considered when determining home health agency payments.This means that ... Read More
How a Secure Enterprise-Grade Communications Channel Can Protect the Legal Industry

How a Secure Enterprise-Grade Communications Channel Can Protect the Legal Industry

Security breaches are on the rise in the legal industry. ABA’s 2018 Legal Technology Survey Report found that 23% of respondents reported that their law firms had experienced a security breach—up from 14% In 2016. From bad actors, to lost devices, to information accidentally being leaked—there’s a variety of reasons ... Read More