Why You Need a Concrete Incident Response Plan (Not Strategy)

Recently, I had the privilege to be part of a four-person discussion panel at a security event in London where the topic was about incident response. The panel was hosted by another security professional, and over 50 professionals from the industry were present in the audience. I’ve worked in information ... Read More

All I Want for Christmas… Is a New SSL Certificate

On Thursday 6th December, 2018, I realized how dependent I was on my mobile phone having an internet connection. That particular day, I was out and about away from Wi-Fi networks. The first time I noticed I had no connectivity was when I used my phone to check if my ... Read More

Infosecurity Europe 2018: Being the First to Respond in the Digital World

The world is full of first responders. You may not realize it, but you will know someone who is a first responder. Typically, one would associate a first responder with the three main emergency professions: Ambulance, Police and Fire. Within the Ambulance profession, that person who is first on the ... Read More
How PCI/DSS Compliance Can Protect Your Systems against New Ransomware Threats

How PCI/DSS Compliance Can Protect Your Systems against New Ransomware Threats

Two significant ransomware attacks occurred in the first half of 2017. The first outbreak took place on May 12, 2017, when WannaCry leveraged a known Windows exploit to infect hundreds of thousands of vulnerable computers around the world, including 34 percent of UK National Health Service (NHS) trusts. Less than ... Read More

Integrity: The New “I” in PCI Compliance

The retail industry saw more than its fair share of data breaches in 2017, with security incidents detected at American supermarket chain Whole Foods Market and clothing companies Brooks Brothers, The Buckle, and Forever 21, to name a few. At least some of those events likely resulted from retailers’ poor ... Read More

Why ‘Yes Persons’ Make Change Control a Necessity for Your Company

Recently, my nine-year-old son informed me that he had observed over time how I always seem to help other people and how others always depend on me. I said to him that, in a way, he is much the same, as he is always saying ‘yes’ to doing little jobs ... Read More
That One Time I Recorded a Microsoft Tech Support Cold Call Scammer… by Tripwire

That One Time I Recorded a Microsoft Tech Support Cold Call Scammer…

Tech support scams are no laughing matter. They’re capable of infecting unsuspecting users’ computers with malware and robing innocent people of their hard-earned money. It’s therefore not surprising that we’ve witnessed the emergence of numerous initiatives designed to counter tech support scammers over the past few years. Many of these ... Read More
The State of Security

Place Your Bets: How Much Would You Bet on the Security of Your Systems?

How secure are the systems your customers take for granted? Every day, your customers use systems that store and process their personal data. However, breaches are still occurring, some on a very large scale. So how secure do you think your systems are today, and do they really protect your ... Read More
The State of Security