Why Securing Ingress With TLS Is Key To Achieving Strong Kubernetes Security

Why Securing Ingress With TLS Is Key To Achieving Strong Kubernetes Security

As Kubernetes adoption continues to soar, there is a greater emphasis on securing the Kubernetes environments with more robust measures. One of the core elements of Kubernetes is the Ingress and securing ...
Introducing DigiCert® Trust Lifecycle Manager

Is the 90-Day Certificate Validity Period Coming Soon?

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Recently, at a CA/B Forum meeting, Google’s Chrome team shared their vision for a new policy related to SSL/TLS certificates. They proposed a 90-day validity period for these certificates, which means certificates ...
Entrust SSL Certificate notice

Did a Hacker Break into the Entrust Network?

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According to a source about two weeks ago, Entrust SSL Certificate was breached and hackers stole corporate data during the cyberattack. The post Did a Hacker Break into the Entrust Network? appeared ...

Protecting Code Signing Keys with Improved Requirements

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The Code Signing Working Group recently improved requirements for code signing. Effective Nov. 15, 2022, know what are the changes and how they affect you. The post Protecting Code Signing Keys with ...

‘SSL for SEO’ the 2022 Google Ranking Mantra

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Is your website ranking on Google SERPs?  To rank better, you need to do a lot of SEO. Lots, we mean it.  But, what if you could increase your SEO rankings with ...
Verified Mark Certificates- It’s time to put your mark on email marketing.

Why do marketers LOVE BIMI?

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Check out these logos below Identify them ASAP! Now do the same for these too! Volkswagen Toyota Opera Spotify Dominos Did you identify the logos or read the brand names faster? If ...
DMARC - Email Authentication Records

Beginner’s guide to DMARC | Everything you need to know

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Email is the online equivalent of direct mail, with the same potential to grow your business exponentially. But email can also be a very risky proposition if you’re not taking advantage of ...
Transport Layer Security

What is TLS(Transport Layer Security) in websecurity? How does it work?

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What is TLS? In computer security, TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a protocol that encrypts communication between a client and server. HTTP uses only this security protocol. This is what the S ...
Best Application Security Service Provider

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

There was a time when we purchased software on CDs and DVDs from brick-and-mortar stores, and there wasn’t much fuss about security. But today, we do everything online, including buying. The post ...
Russian TLS certs

Russian TLS Certs Raises Security Risks

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The risks of Russian owned and issued TLS certificates include traffic interception and major man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks. The post Russian TLS Certs Raises Security Risks appeared first on https.in Blog ...

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