ransomware Insider Threats: Fear for Small Businesses

Insider Threats: A Big Fear for Small Businesses

In the list of things that keep SMB leaders awake at night, insider threats rate at the top. Here’s why this threat is far bigger for smaller companies. A recent report finds that more than half (58 percent) of small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) executives are “more concerned about suffering a major ... Read More
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Most Bankable Security Certs

2019’s Hottest, and Most Bankable, Security Certs

| | certifications, CIPP, CISM, CISSP, jobs, OSCP
Most certifications can help your career, but a select few will land you a great job or add money to your paycheck. Here are the most bankable certifications this year, as well as a glimpse of next year’s most wanted list, according to those in the field and those who ... Read More
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GhangorCloud AML regulatory Security GDPR Compliance

Best of 2018: 6 Tricky Obstacles Security Teams Face in GDPR Compliance

As we close out 2018, we at Security Boulevard wanted to highlight the five most popular articles of the year. Following is the fourth in our weeklong series of the Best of 2018. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect May 25 and the penalties are stiff ... Read More
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Data Privacy Automation User Privacy Threatens Security Defenses

Lack of User Privacy Threatens Security Defenses

Data threats come from three general fronts: individuals sharing too much information, data breaches and corporations selling increasingly granular customer data. Security professionals frequently sound warnings for the first two. The last one is rarely acknowledged as a security threat and more commonly labelled a privacy issue. But security and ... Read More
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geofence 911 firmware

State of Eavesdropping on Mobile Devices

Eavesdropping is a prevailing threat among many on mobile phones, with technology capable of tracking users, listening to their conversations and even logging their application usage becoming more pervasive and easier to come by. “Mobile devices contain access to all of our personal and corporate data. They are capable of ... Read More
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online trusted domains spoofing Phishers’ Favorite Brands to Spoof

Phishers’ Favorite Brands to Spoof

Phishers are always looking for a better brand to spoof and improve their success rates. They’re quick to switch out brands to keep their bait fresh, too. Keeping the tally of their favorites in a given period may afford insights into attack trends, but the better protection may be in ... Read More
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open banking Endpoint security financial services

Banks Highly Vulnerable to Inside Attacks

Banks are more serious about information security than most companies in other industries, but they’re still regularly robbed to the tune of millions and even billions of dollars. In 2016, $81 million was siphoned from the Bank of Bangladesh—just one of many gang attacks. Last year, thieves took $100 million in ... Read More
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industrial control systems zero trust

Modernized Industrial Systems Still at Pre-Internet Vulnerability Levels

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Industrial Control Systems (ICS) were developed decades ago when any thoughts of security centered on locking down the physical plant. That’s because they were designed, developed and deployed before the internet took root, much less blossomed into the internet of things (IoT). Despite efforts to modernize these systems—or perhaps because ... Read More
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IAM identity access management GDPR Affects IAM Usage

How GDPR Affects IAM Usage

GDPR is placing a lot of demands on companies to protect the privacy of individuals. But what does that mean for identity management? The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect May 25 and aims to protect the identity of individuals. Unfortunately, its requirements are more complex than ... Read More
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IAM in a Gig Economy

Tips for Using IAM in a Gig Economy

IAM can be challenging for security teams and downright vexing for freelance and short-term contract workers. These tips will help smooth the IAM path for all. Even in the strong U.S. economy—or perhaps because of it—layoffs of permanent personnel are common and an army of freelance or gig workers are ... Read More
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