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UK Warns Insurers About Cyber Risks

Do you have cyber risk insurance? Are you sure? If the answer to that question is uncertain (and it should be uncertain), then there’s a huge, uncalculated risk. Not just to you, ...
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When Scams Collide: E-Mail Fraud and Insurance

Should insurance companies be on the hook to cover losses for cyberfraud? If you are the victim of a business email compromise (BEC) and are induced to wire-transfer a client’s funds to ...
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Companies Hit By Iranian Cyberattacks May Not Have Insurance Coverage

Surprise! Your cyber-risk insurance may not cover losses resulting from cyberwar. Here are some tips to help ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. With the prospect of a cyberwar with the Islamic ...
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Black Hat USA 2019

Black Hat USA 2019, Matt Prevost’s ‘How Do Cyber Insurers View The World?’

Thanks to Black Hat for publishing the Black Hat 2019 tremendous conference videos on their YouTube Channel Permalink ...
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Tips to Strengthen SMBs’ Cybersecurity Approach

There typically has been little attention paid to SMB cybersecurity, making those companies prime targets for cybercriminals. Why would hackers try to extort hundreds of thousands of dollars from smaller firms, when ...
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Are Ransom Payments Supporting Terrorists?

Organizations, particularly those that recognize that they don’t have essential security and data recovery measures in place, have taken out cyber insurance, which they are regularly using to pay off ransomware attackers ...
Insurance Loophole the Newest Threat Vector

Is the Insurance Loophole the Newest Threat Vector?

Is cyber insurance worth the money, and should organizations rely on it as a line of defense? Being a Seattle resident, I occasionally find myself in some interesting “what if” conversations about ...
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Cyberwarfare—Yes? Cyber Insurance—No!

Just when you think that you are covered, you discover that you may not necessarily be protected by your cyber insurance. That was the startling message in an article by Adam Satariano ...
Think Cybersecurity Insurance Will Save You? Think Again.

Think Cybersecurity Insurance Will Save You? Think Again.

By this point, we know that state-sponsored cyber attacks are a thing. Time and again, we see headlines to this effect, whether it’s election hacking, IP theft, or mega-breaches. For your average ...
Insider Threats: Fear for Small Businesses

Insider Threats: A Big Fear for Small Businesses

In the list of things that keep SMB leaders awake at night, insider threats rate at the top. Here’s why this threat is far bigger for smaller companies. A recent report finds ...
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