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Top Cyber Security Challenges Post Lockdown

Top Cyber Security Challenges Post Lockdown

By Sam Jones | Cyber Tec Security Not too long ago things were looking bleak for the world, still under the dark cloud of the COVID pandemic, but with vaccine rollouts now ...
Biden's Cybersecurity Executive Order, Apple's AirTag, Cyber Insurance

Biden’s Cybersecurity Executive Order, Apple’s AirTag, Cyber Insurance

Details about Biden’s cybersecurity executive order, privacy and stalking concerns with Apple’s new AirTag technology, and why some cyber insurance companies may not pay out for ransomware in the future. ** Links ...
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Is it Time to Update Your Cyber Insurance Strategy?

If anything, 2020 was about preparing for – well, everything. This includes cyberthreats, which have risen sharply in the pandemic era. In 2021, rethinking your cyber insurance strategy should be a top ...
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The Changing Dynamics of Cyber Insurance

Almost exactly a year ago, cybersecurity professionals were locked in a heated debate about insurance. While some were keen to point out that the future of the industry would need to include ...
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Object vs. File Storage: Why Security Is a Key Consideration

Object storage first hit the market about a decade ago, emerging in a landscape previously dominated by file storage. The two architectures have coexisted, and often competed, in the years since. In ...
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Seven Debunked Myths of Cybersecurity

Article by Kristin Herman, a writer and editor at and Academized.comThe term 'cybersecurity' has been tossed around lately. But although cybersecurity has been viewed as a saving grace for mobile devices, ...
University of Utah Paid Over $450K to Ransomware Attackers

University of Utah Paid Over $450K to Ransomware Attackers

The University of Utah paid a fee of more than $450,000 to attackers after they infected a portion of its servers with ransomware. On July 19, 2020, the Information Security Office (ISO) ...
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Is Cyber Insurance Worth It?

These days, having cyber insurance that covers a company for costs related to cyberattacks is an expected standard corporate practice. It is the last in the line of risk mitigation tools that ...
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Texas Court Backs Phishing Attack Insurance Claim

Are insurance companies bound to pay claims for phishing attacks resulting in third-party losses? RealPage, a Texas-based company, operated a rent-servicing portal whereby renters could pay their rent and landlords could get ...
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