You don’t have to be an expert, but it helps – Team82 State of XIoT 1H22

Only one Too Long; Did Read post this week, The State of XIoT report for 1H 2022 by Claroty’s Team82. The content and analysis of this report was uneven. There is a lot to commend the team for, but also significant sections that left me shaking my head. This is ... Read More

I wanted to like this report, but … – Fortinet Global Threat Landscape Report 1H 2022

The Thursday edition of ‘Too Long; Did Read’ focuses on Fortinet’s Global Threat Landscape Report for the first half of 2022. In my experience, 7-8 weeks to go from data collection to a published report is a relatively tight deadline, but it means this data is still timely. I applaud ... Read More

Hidden Gems Amongst Too Much Text – Unit 42 Cloud Threat Report

My first report for this week’s ‘Too Long; Did Read’ is titled “Identity Access Management: The First Line of Defense” by Unit 42 and Prisma Cloud. The report is moderate in length at 19 pages, with significant intelligence scattered throughout. Technical readers who want more information about how cloud identities ... Read More

451 Group on API Trends – Spot On, for the Intended Audience

Today’s post for ‘Too Long; Did Read’, is a review of the 2022 API Security Trends Report, written by Dan Kennedy of the 451 Group/S&P for noname Security. Going forward I’ll add a couple more pieces of information to each post: Is it behind a registration page and how long ... Read More

On being critical of industry reports in security

One last thing: A good editor is your best friend when it comes to writing! And like any good friend, they may sometimes tell you your baby is ugly. At least you can throw your first draft in the garbage and start over, unlike a baby. The post On being ... Read More

’50 Shades of Blue’ or ‘Red Hot Mess’ from CyberTheory

Who should read this? Marketing and content creation teams might gain some insight from this report. It is primarily aimed at people trying to connect to CISOs after all. I would suggest that marketing teams skip straight to page 22 (or is it 39?) and the section titled 'Reaching Your ... Read More

Great information in need of polish from Meta

While the content of the report is excellent, it needs more copy editing and better layout. It's clearly a labor of love by the technical teams at Meta, rather than a marketing team trying to make an impression. This is aimed at a technical audience and not something you're likely ... Read More

PwC Survey – Decent report, too little analysis

I’m repurposing the initialism ‘TL: DR’ to mean ‘Too Long: Did Read’. I have been writing industry reports since 2015 and reading them far longer, which gives me a wealth of experience to assess the content of industry reports so you don’t have to. I’m kicking off this series with ... Read More

Daughter + Dad: Coming out as transgender

This post was originally published on March 31, 2022 on the Snyk blog, Daughter + Dad: Coming Out As Transgender My daughter came out to my wife and me as a transgender individual nearly five years ago. It was a shocking revelation, as we’d always thought about her future in ... Read More
What will your future bring?

What will your future bring?

I spend a lot of time thinking about the future.  It’s an inevitable part of getting older, being responsible for children, and having more time behind you than in front of you.  It’s also brought on by having a role involving projects that take six months plus to bring to ... Read More