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integration Shifting DevSec Left with ShiftLeft

DevOps, Security Struggle with Integration as Stress Levels Rise

Tight timelines and innovation pressures for those on the front lines of development are leading to many organizations frequently completing projects without carrying out all security steps, according to a survey. The Invicti Security survey included responses from 600 executives and hands-on-keyboard practitioners across security, development and DevOps spanning more ... Read More
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domain Major DNS Threats: Preventing DNS Hijacking

Companies Failing to Protect Domain Registrations

Despite a surge in dangerous third-party domain registrations, domain security is an underused security tactic that can help curb phishing and related ransomware attacks, according to the CSC’s Domain Security Report focused on the world’s largest companies. The study found the majority of Global 2000 companies continue to lag in ... Read More
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DoJ cryptocurrency Apple consultants Disney contract

DoJ Launches Crypto Enforcement Team, Cyber-Fraud Initiative

Last week the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) took steps to crack down on ransomware with the creation of a National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team (NCET) and the launch of the department’s Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative. The NCET will handle complex investigations and prosecutions of criminal misuses of cryptocurrency, Deputy Attorney General ... Read More
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patching Security Patches Move Faster

Patching Process Remains a Security Bottleneck

Patching continues to be overly complex, cumbersome and time-consuming, trends that are likely to persist as remote work increases the complexity and scale of patch management. And that’s a major security risk. This was the central conclusion drawn from an Ivanti survey of more than 500 enterprise IT and security ... Read More
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privacy cybersecurity remote

Public’s Knowledge of Cybersecurity Best Practices Sorely Lacking

Public response to and implementation of commonly known best practices for cybersecurity, including strong passwords, multifactor authentication (MFA) and others are tepid at best, according to a report from the National Cybersecurity Alliance and CybSafe. The survey of 2,000 individuals across the U.S. and UK found less than half (46%) ... Read More
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mindset cloud security

New Security Challenges Require New Mindset

One of the biggest complications of modern security is that it requires a completely different mindset, with IT taking on strategic significance and cloud computing undoing the traditional notion of a secure perimeter. This means organizations must approach cybersecurity with a completely different mindset and wake up to the fact ... Read More
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developers security culture

Divide Between Security, Developers Deepens

Security professionals work hard to plan secure IT environments for organizations, but the developers who are tasked with implementing and carrying these plans and procedures are often left out of security planning processes, creating a fractured relationship between development and security. This was the conclusion from a VMware and Forrester ... Read More
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Black Shadow McAfee REvil ransomware Kaseya

McAfee Report: Ransomware Adopts New Tactics and Targets

As 2021 progressed through the second quarter and into the third, cybercriminals introduced new—and updated—threats and tactics in campaigns targeting prominent sectors, McAfee’s October 2021 Advanced Threat Research Report found. The report called the second quarter of 2021 a “vibrant quarter” for ransomware, earning its place as a high-profile cybersecurity ... Read More
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cybersecurity behavior user training Convince Employees to Care About Security Training

Successfully Influencing Employee Security Behavior

With phishing scams common and the risk of security breaches made more likely thanks to an expanding threat surface, security teams are debating how to deal with—and in some cases, punish—employees who fail security tests, as well as those who fail cybersecurity quizzes or fall victim to scams such as ... Read More
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supply chain data secure

Supply Chain Emerging as Cloud Security Threat

Misconfigurations in software development environments and poor security hygiene in the supply chain can impact cloud infrastructure and offer opportunities for malicious actors to control unwitting victims’ software development processes. These were the results of a report from Palo Alto Networks’ security specialist Unit 42, which conducted a red team ... Read More
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