How to Avoid Compliance Headaches

Compliance Headaches and How to Avoid Them

We are in a perfect storm. Data breaches keep happening, cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated and consumers’ awareness of these risks increases daily. It’s therefore no surprise that policymakers are cutting through this noise by implementing progressively more stringent data privacy laws. 2018 marked key milestones for several new regulations ... Read More
Security Boulevard

Getting Data Security Right with Advanced FPE and Stop Decrypting!

I’ve seen some quite interesting differences in the analyst community when it comes to understanding the benefits of data-centric security, especially Format-Preserving Encryption (FPE) – some only understanding half of its power, and others getting it absolutely right, so I thought I’d clear things up a bit. Perhaps this is ... Read More
the hidden costs of data breaches

More hidden costs of data breaches – workplace time impact at a national level

The big data breaches have obvious cost impact for business, but also some unspoken hidden costs. Think about the recent breach involving credit history. That was some 140 Million people impacted, mostly in the US. It’s not the first, and won’t be the last. A strong recommendation is that in ... Read More
Credit card breach

Retail Debit and Credit Card Breach – Help is here:

With all the recent headlines about credit card breaches, the latest from a popular Retail Food Chain, I hope the enterprises that haven’t made it into the news (or even if they have), would get in touch with the Voltage data protection team. We have helped a lot of top-brand ... Read More
key management and encryption

Worried by PGP private key exposure stories? You don’t have to with contemporary Identity-Based Encryption.

This Register blog post shows precisely why older static and complicated public key infrastructure (PKI)-oriented key management models introduce more risk from user error and have catastrophic consequences if exposed. Their origins in the pre-web era’s epoch may have worked for a few techy users, but that’s quite different to ... Read More
data breaches

Micro Focus Warns on the Risk of Incomplete Data Protection: A Wake Up Call Following Recent Mega-Breaches

Once again we are witnessing a mega data breach, this time affecting two of three adults in the United States, with highly prized personal data and credit history exposed to criminal actors, putting consumers at risk of identity theft. This follows similar breaches in Europe in large financial services providers, ... Read More
GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance and the lasting effects of avoidable breaches

Attacks to enterprise systems can have long lasting impact and reverberations, as in this latest data security breach, which stems back to 2012. According to the article, a missing patch led to an attack and data was compromise, –and suddenly criminals had access to over a million records of personal ... Read More
Server and Storage

Has storage and server encryption kept pace with modern IT to adequately reduce risk?

| | Data Security
Storage and server vendors seem to be stuck with the historical mindset of traditional data-at-rest encryption. Data from applications is exposed while in-use, but sits blissfully protected at-rest, only to be again exposed to a potential breach when applications need to access it once again. This is a recipe for ... Read More