Protecting Your High Valued Assets with Theresa Lanowitz of voke

We Have Answers: Questions the ‘How Virtualization Protects Your High-Value Assets’ Webinar

Thank you everyone who tuned in to watch our webinar on Bromium Protected App, and special thanks to our featured guest speaker – Theresa Lanowitz, Founder and Analyst with voke, Inc. We always encourage our audience to participate in the discussion by answering polls and submitting questions to the presenters ... Read More

Securing Apps When User Devices Are Compromised

Corporate networks and user PCs continue to be exploited—leaving your sensitive applications and data vulnerable. Network segmentation is a fundamental way to mitigate the risks associated with these vulnerabilities—but it only works if authorized users can still access the data they need. Bromium Protected App offers a practical way to ... Read More

Moffitt Cancer Center Replaces AV, Selects Bromium Application Isolation

High quality, multi-layered medical images are impacted by security software protecting endpoint workstations Radiology departments struggle with slow load of patient images caused by anti-virus (AV) scanning Learn how Moffitt Cancer Center secures their radiology workstations while preserving usability and performance Early detection is key to accurate diagnosis and treatment, ... Read More

Introducing Bromium Protected App®: Protect Critical Applications Against Compromised Devices

Protected App locks down access to and from your sensitive data, keeping it secure even if networks and host PCs have been compromised Using hardware-enforced virtualization-based security, Bromium Protected App protects against threats such as keylogging, screen capture, memory tampering, and man-in-the-middle attacks IT and Application teams can rest assured ... Read More
Larger and more frequent breaches, despite dramatically increased spending

A Fresh Approach to Perimeter Protection: Application Isolation

Detection-based IT security solutions have never worked, and will never work. More security layers is not the answer, but smarter layers can work. Shift your mindset from “prevent, detect, and respond” to “isolate, contain, and control.” Layer after layer of security is not stopping breaches. We can’t keep the bad ... Read More