modernization of data centers

Easing the Pain of Data Center Modernization

With data center modernization and the distribution of a business’s critical assets across a hybrid cloud infrastructure, what happens to identity controls? Enter Idaptive. Businesses have been undergoing a digital transformation for some time. Now, the data center is starting to claim center stage, redefining the boundaries of an organization ... Read More
Quora Zero Trust

What steps can companies take to adopt a Zero Trust approach to security?

Zero trust - never trust, always verify. Zero Trust isn’t as simple as turning on certain pieces of software. Zero Trust is a holistic approach to security that requires reorganizing a company’s strategy around its three core principles: Verify every user Validate every device Intelligently limit access For the first ... Read More
Artificial Intelligence

How Are New Technologies Like AI and Machine Learning Playing a Role in Cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence is more than a buzzword - it's a key weapon in the fight against breaches. Artificial intelligence is often dismissed as an overused buzzword across the tech industry, and it certainly can be in cybersecurity as well. But a number of companies, Idaptive included, have found ways to ... Read More
Careers in tech and cybersecurity

What are some interesting potential career paths in tech and cybersecurity today?

Call it bias, but cybersecurity is one of the most exciting fields. Our CEO Danny Kibel explains how to kickstart a career in tech and security. You might have heard the phrase “software is eating the world” coined by Andreessen Horowitz. Well surprise, it’s proved to be true, and that ... Read More
Meet Camille

Introducing Camille!

Late last year we were preparing to spin out of Centrify and become our own independent company, Idaptive. We held many discussions to define our own identity, hone our culture, and identify the ideas we stand behind. As the CEO of an emerging leading company, I felt it was crucial ... Read More

How can the security experience and process be made simpler for end-users?

Think of it this way, you wouldn't get into a car without a seatbelt. It’s second nature for most of us, and easy to do. In the 1970s when seatbelt laws were first passed, fatalities with car crashes went down. If we all had MFA and good cybersecurity hygiene, the ... Read More
cybercrime protection

How Can Companies And Individuals Best Protect Themselves Against Cybercrime?

Here’s the thing – if a data breach has occurred, it’s already too late. Data breaches typically cost a company several million dollars, not to mention immeasurable (often irreversible) damage to their reputation. In a recent study, one-third of customers that were notified of a vendor breach said they would ... Read More