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What are some interesting potential career paths in tech and cybersecurity today?

Call it bias, but cybersecurity is one of the most exciting fields. Our CEO Danny Kibel explains how to kickstart a career in tech and security.

Careers in tech and cybersecurity

You might have heard the phrase “software is eating the world” coined by Andreessen Horowitz. Well surprise, it’s proved to be true, and that means today that every company (at some level) needs to be a tech company and needs cybersecurity. From buying something online to browsing Instagram, cybersecurity touches everything that we do online, and so there are more opportunities and career paths than ever before.

In fact, the demand for security professionals is growing much, much faster than other occupations. Throw new technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain into the mix, and you can see there’s a ton of really cool careers paths in the space, depending on what you’re passionate about. First and foremost, that’s the advice I give to people just starting out.

Second, I think building a career is a lot like building a company. You need to set a strong foundation by educating yourself, surrounding yourself with smart people through meet-ups and networking, and getting involved in industry events.

I’m excited about the growth of the industry, especially when it comes to diversity. We have a need for more diverse perspectives in this industry, and that’s such a valuable asset to have as we tackle the mountain of difficult security challenges ahead of us.


This post originally appeared in a Quora Q&A session hosted in May 2019. Our CEO Danny Kibel was asked to give his opinion on the state of cybersecurity, Zero Trust, working in the security field and entrepreneurship, among other things. For more of his answers visit Quora.

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