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product announcement

Announcement — Introducing the New and Improved Idaptive UI

CyberArk is committed to ensuring that every customer and user has a great experience using the Idaptive platform. That’s why we are dedicated to finding ways to continually improve the experience for ...
product update

Idaptive Release 20.3 Is Now Available

Release 20.3, scheduled for August 22, 2020, adds support for Single Sign-On to CyberArk Privileged Access Management solutions, enhancements to policy scripting, as well as various UI and operational improvements. With release ...
work from home

Are Current Work From Home Security Measures Enough?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned working from home from a perk to an everyday reality. These changes are permanent, and they require a new security perspective. The chaos of the first few ...
Zero Trust 12

Grow Up! Plotting Your Path Along the Zero Trust Maturity Model

Better security is as easy as these six steps to adopting Zero Trust. From the philosophy behind it, to the technology that powers it, at Idaptive we’ve talked about Zero Trust a ...
product release

Idaptive Release 20.2 is Now Available

Release 20.2 adds support for extended policy configuration for RADIUS MFA, enhancements to Windows and Mac Cloud Agents, and various UI and operational improvements. With release 20.2, Idaptive now supports the following ...
quora 8

What steps can people take to safeguard their digital identities?

From utilizing MFA whenever possible to exploring passwordless options, we break down ways to safeguard digital identities. Here are some top tips that anyone can take immediately to protect their identity and ...
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What are some lesser-known cybersecurity best practices that can help individuals and businesses?

You already know to not share passwords. But what are some lesser-known cybersecurity best practices that individuals and businesses can implement to stay secure? Before I mention the less-known examples, I think ...
automation hero

How is automation evolving to detect and mitigate cyber threats?

Automation is evolving to address cyber threats. Here's our take on how automation has impacted the stages of development, deployment, and operation/consumption of applications and technologies. The modern enterprise is a complex ...
AI avoid data breach

How could artificial intelligence help in avoiding data breaches?

Artificial intelligence powered security systems learn from historical activities, incidents, breaches to build their own models autonomously, without constant human supervision. As organizations grow further, workforce becomes global, diverse, distributed, and enterprises ...
shared password

Securing Shared Web Passwords with Idaptive

Sharing passwords should be avoided when possible. But if you have to use a shared web password, secure the password with Idaptive to reduce the risk of unauthorized access, enforce role-based access, ...