How Are New Technologies Like AI and Machine Learning Playing a Role in Cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence is more than a buzzword – it’s a key weapon in the fight against breaches.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is often dismissed as an overused buzzword across the tech industry, and it certainly can be in cybersecurity as well. But a number of companies, Idaptive included, have found ways to practically implement AI and machine learning.

The most proven uses for artificial intelligence and machine learning in cybersecurity today involve tasks that humans can’t perform, such as sifting through vast amounts of data. And by that, I mean millions of different signals from different sources – login attempts, geolocation data, etc. Algorithms have already been created that can identify unusual behaviors or irregular patterns when it comes to something such as malware.

Idaptive has added a layer of intelligence to help companies verify and validate users, devices, and services while continuously learning from, and adapting to, millions of logins and risk factors.

We apply AI and big data analytics to sift through these millions of data points and constantly learn, evolve, and improve. It makes it easier to identify anomalies, which represent suspicious behavior. Our platform automatically assesses risk based on behavior patterns and makes decisions regarding access based on that risk. All that is done with our proprietary machine learning tools.

Risk-aware security products powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence will continue to evolve as prevailing weapons in the fight against security breaches.


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