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Akamai’s Technical Enablement and Education Team, Part of the Global Services and Support Organization, Wins 2020 Chief Learning Officer Magazine Gold Award

On October 2020, the Akamai Technical Enablement and Education (TE&E) Team -- responsible for creating product-training certifications for employees (Global Services and Support [GSS]), customers (Akamai University), and channel partners (Advanced Partner Enablement) -- won its second industry award for program design, functionality, and impact ... Read More

Enhancing Customer Value, Building Customer Relationships and Strengthening Team Collaboration

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Effective communication skills are fundamental to developing both immediate and long term relationships with our customers. How else can we learn the answers to questions such as: "What are our customers concerns, needs, and desires?", "How can we best address ... Read More
Experts that support your digital transformation

Experts that support your digital transformation

If your business is like many, your customer's experience is a top priority. In an age of fast paced digital transformation, meeting the needs of a unique global user base while securely delivering quality web based experiences, continues to grow ... Read More