Experts that support your digital transformation

If your business is like many, your customer’s experience is a top priority. In an age of fast paced digital transformation, meeting the needs of a unique global user base while securely delivering quality web based experiences, continues to grow in complexity.

While many already think of Akamai as a technical solution to provide great online experiences,  Akamai also provides world class professional services and support personnel, who help businesses develop business strategies that execute upon technical innovation. We invest in the development of each hire’s technical skills and industry knowledge, and inspire them to help to meet your business goals.

Keeping pace with digital transformation

Whether your organization has an already well formulated plan, is in the planning stages, or just beginning to think about new technical innovations,  Akamai professionals can help verify or construct a plan to evolve. In the spirit of transformation, Akamai invests in our Services and Support staff with well thought out, well planned, curated learning and development paths, so they can become the best consultants possible to help you manage your business.

My thoughts

For me, as an educator for nearly 2,000 people in our Services and Support organization, the options to inspire and guide our staff to be the best in their jobs, connect with customers on both a technical and business plane, and develop their strong voice as a customer advocate, often seem limitless.  

Quarterly and annual training plans are designed to help our customers meet business goals and fiercely compete. Akamai develops our learning content to ensure our strategists, experts, and engineers stay on the cutting edge. In order to best serve current and future customers, we explore well beyond  just Akamai technology. We keep pace on future trends and help our individuals grow their knowledge on an ongoing basis.

This is why, for the past three years, we’ve built and delivered a 2.5 day, live global event, held in 4 cities across the world. Our goal is to ensure attendees have much more than only Akamai technical and product expertise. We hand craft curriculum to provide industry insights and the skills to ask the right questions to help our customers positively impact their business goals.

“The educational content was brilliant, and the focus on DevOps, automation, and collaborative working was clear. Most importantly, I came away with the skills and tools needed to ensure I can provide the best possible service for my customers.”

This year, we hosted the most diverse set of job functions onsite, to date . The richness of information and memorable experiences serve as one of our most effective and efficient ways to curate a consultative and innovative practice within every single role that interacts or services our customers.

Looking forward to the next wave of digital transformation

Every organization is going to be at varying stages of digital transformation. There are critical distinctions to how companies will push through this transformation within the walls of their organization and with their vendors and partners. 

Akamai continues to prepare our professional services teams to help you cultivate a strong digital business culture.  Hand in hand with our Akamai experts, you can take risks, improve collaboration and agility, and of course rely on our expert staff who come to the table with the  industry and technical knowledge for success.

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