Enhancing Customer Value, Building Customer Relationships and Strengthening Team Collaboration

Effective communication skills are fundamental to developing both immediate and long term relationships with our customers. How else can we learn the answers to questions such as: “What are our customers concerns, needs, and desires?”, “How can we best address their short and long term needs?”, And “What kind of customer experience are we providing”?

The Field and Technical Enablement team has both developed and procured tailored workshops designed to improve Global Service and Support’s knowledge and ability to engage with, consult with, and evoke confidence from our customers. Whether the engagement criticality is low, medium, or high, Akamai recognizes the need for the most effective communication in supporting business and professional relationships. Building and developing such skills and improving customer experience help to understand their business needs and be able to provide customized solutions, support and assistance. 

Customer Communications Skills / Customer and Team Collaboration Skills Workshop

Communication is the process of creating meaningful interactions among human beings. Effective communication involves active listening, empathy, and creating meaningful relationships which can then foster long term business partnerships. Being able to do this, even in times of high stress, high stakes, break-fix scenarios is critical to Akamai’s long term success. 

The Customer Communications Skills / Customer and Team Collaboration Skills  Workshop was created for AkaTec TSE’s and Managers to explore the challenges in conducting and maintaining effective communication, both within Akamai teams as well as with our customers, and especially under highly stressful scenarios.  

Communication is the key to success in any field and the capability of connecting and building trust is of specific relevance to technical support groups like AkaTec, where customer facing interaction is a daily task. A Technical Service Engineer’s (TSE) job focuses both on solving customer issues and upon creating lasting relationships.  These relationships are often based on an ability for a TES to demonstrate a technical, emotional, and time sensitivity understanding when overcoming a customer’s service challenge.

Techniques taught in this globally available workshop provided TSE’s with considerations, skills, and strategies through real world case exercises that challenge a TSE through a “typical” customer scenario: From receiving the first customer support request call, to resolution, and the critical follow-through, employing both verbal and email communications. The workshop was designed to help TSE’s better communicate with customers, to effectively engage with co-workers and achieve successful team work, to consider the other parties perspective in each scenario, and to prepare a standardized approach to communications across AkaTec’s global force. 


Naris Vipatapat, Manager Technical Support

“Customer communication skills allow me to develop the ability to extract the “need to know” from the “good to know”. It teaches me that different people want to hear the same thing said in different ways–maybe a drawn-out story or maybe a terse one sentence explanation. It brings awareness to myself about how my communication is perceived and allows me to adjust accordingly”


Gil Bandele, Technical Support Engineer II

One of the key things which was further strengthened by this program is my ability to show more empathy to customers when there are issues and clearly articulate an action plan geared towards issue resolution”


Rajeshwari Patil, Technical Support Engineer

We use communication skills everywhere, not just while communicating to customer but also when we talk to our colleagues”

Ensuring that GSS personnel have the soft and technical skills to address the challenges of today’s marketplace is critical to Akamai’s continued success. Akamai’s training programs provide operational techniques that contribute to the development of best practices in customer care. The Global Field and Technical Enablement team continue to ensure these programs are built and available to meet the training and enablement needs of GSS, so they are able to drive success in today’s marketplace.

Please contact the Technical Enablement and Education Team if you would like to receive further information about the trainings.

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