Astonishing Incompetence: The Microsoft Way

As a former corporate customer, and, after experiencing the excruciatingly ponderous level of incompetence exhibited by Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: MSFT) Security, Service & Systems engineers, we’ve terminated our contracts with the company, and moved to proven, fundamentally more secure platforms to facilitate our business. This move included our enterprise messaging infrastructure, CMS, Office 365 and Data Storage, and Lab Environment; accomplished several months ago, we are quite pleased with the landscape, free of the MSFT two-step. Absolutely no Microsoft bits in our business.

At this point, in the Microsoft Litany of Incompetence that is playing out, perhaps you might take a couple of minutes and read a story, gathered by the highly respected security author and bon vivant Richi Jennings (a fellow author at Security Boulevard), in which, the Right Honorable Mr. Jennings details (with the assistance of those with knowledge of the situation) the enormity of the nearly complete lack of competencey within the twin realms of Information and Cyber Security exhibited by the scurrying about of the attendants to the Redmond Leviathan’s highfalutin’ demands. Richi’s story begins below, with a link to that litany’s completion at Security Boulevard).

Now, briefly, the issue of leadership raises it’s noggin’ – in this instance – personified by an individual whom I generally refer to as ‘The Great Apologizer’, Satya Narayana Nadella, CEO of Microsoft Corporation. Don’t think of this as an ad hominem diatribe, rather, focus on the physics of the situation, dammit… Just remember, whilst most solids and liquids flow downhill, the chunky detritus of a company which fails to successfully execute it’s mission with exquisite competence possesses a tendency to perform in the opposite, that is to say, to flow uphill, flouting gravity and whatnot, directly focusing that faliure of leadership – to the very topmost leader – in this case – CEO Nadella. Thus, those individuals caught by what I like to call the failure tsunami, are typically found on the lecture circuit within a couple of years. To sum up, closing my one-good eye, I can see it now, a short & sweet 15 minutes at TEDx Seattle for Mr. Nadella, and his version of Code Complete. Avoid that – me buckos – at all cost.


via the inimitable Richi Jennings, writing at Security Boulevard:

“If you thought last week’s news was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Countless organizations using Microsoft Exchange are scrambling to undo the damage caused by Chinese “Hafnium” hackers over the past two months. And many more don’t even know they’ve been penetrated. It’s all Microsoft’s fault. Let’s not sugar-coat it: Microsoft knew about this vulnerability more than two months ago, yet didn’t tell anyone, for fear of … what? Damaging shareholder returns? Microsoft should be ashamed of itself. In today’s SB Blogwatch, we watch Redmond reap the whirlwind.”

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