Enhancing Visibility with Bitglass and Splunk


The complexity of organizations’ IT infrastructures is always increasing. Modern businesses are faced with cloud-based resources like software-as-a-service apps and infrastructure-as-a-service platforms, as well as personal devices, a diffuse remote workforce, IoT, and residual on-premises systems. Naturally, this makes achieving integrated visibility in today’s business world highly challenging. Fortunately, the integration between Bitglass and Splunk delivers comprehensive and actionable visibility wherever data goes. 

Splunk is an enterprise data platform that provides industry-leading security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities. Splunk allows organizations to expand their IT ecosystems without losing unified visibility over what’s happening. It gathers vast swathes of information about how and when data is being accessed, stored, and used–compiling logs of user activity from solutions across locations, devices, networks, and more. By deploying tools that are capable of integrating with Splunk, organizations can ensure that activity logs from throughout their enterprise will be intelligible, actionable, and easily visualized. Splunk allows users to visualize and analyze all relevant information from disjointed tools in one interface, enabling users to make swift, effective decisions. This unified visibility allows organizations to fully understand where they can improve their cybersecurity, data privacy, and regulatory compliance–saving them significant sums of money that would otherwise be used for legal fees, compliance penalties, and reclaiming reputational footing after data breaches.

Integrating Bitglass and Splunk further enhances the power of the leading SIEM. As the Total Cloud Security Platform, Bitglass’ secure access service edge (SASE) offering secures all interactions between any devices, apps, web destinations, on-premises resources, or infrastructure. The platform integrates a variety of powerful technologies; for example, the world’s only on-device secure web gateway, a multi-mode cloud access security broker, and zero trust network access. This enables a breadth of functionality like DLP, ATP, IAM, cloud encryption, shadow IT discovery, and more. In the process of applying these protections across the aforementioned endpoints and environments, Bitglass generates unique, much-needed logs, making it a powerful source of information for Splunk.

The integration between these industry leaders delivers complete oversight for any environment, whether users are leveraging the cloud, the web, or personal devices (BYOD), or are working remotely as they do so. With Bitglass and Splunk in place, organizations gain enhanced visibility and reporting that includes cloud logs and cross references data from other sources throughout the IT ecosystem for better analytics. Without it, organizations have incomplete, unintegrated visibility across different environments and are left to manage multiple, disjointed solutions–wasting time and money.

The integration between Bitglass and Splunk helps IT and security personnel to make use of all needed logs in a single place. To learn more about this integration, download the solution brief below. To get started, download the Bitglass App on Splunkbase.

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