Accelerating Security and the Cloud With Bitglass and AWS Global Accelerator


Businesses’ IT infrastructures have undergone critical changes in the way that they store data and extend access to resources for users. Cloud, BYOD, and remote work have changed things forever. Where the flow of traffic is not optimized, business continuity is disrupted and an enterprise’s bottomline is adversely affected. While organizations often think in these terms when it comes to things like applications that are hosted in one region but accessed globally, these same issues remain when it comes to security, as well. Security vendors need to optimize their infrastructures to ensure maximum performance as globally dispersed users access the cloud and resources that are hosted in different locations around the world–a situation that can breed significant latency.

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Fortunately, the integration between AWS Global Accelerator and Bitglass delivers streamlined performance for the Total Cloud Security Platform–around the clock and across the globe. Below, we will review AWS Global Accelerator, Bitglass’ platform, and how the two work together.

Accelerating the Cloud

For any individual anywhere in the world, if she or he is using a service powered by AWS Global Accelerator, traffic and, consequently, performance will be streamlined. For example, if a user in New Zealand is accessing an app hosted in the US, traffic is first redirected to the nearest local edge data center (via Anycast) in order to reduce latency. In this way, users can take advantage of AWS’s vast, congestion-free network around the world–traffic for our New Zealand user is then efficiently routed to its destination in the US. These local edge data centers are dispersed across major metropolitan areas to further reduce latency in areas with dense populations. In order to improve tenant performance, AWS reacts to changes in network output on the fly. 

Accelerating Security

As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud and expand their operations across the globe, they will need to be well equipped to secure the data that is accessed and stored around the world. Fortunately, Bitglass’ Total Cloud Security Platform provides the critical protection necessary for modern enterprises. In other words, Bitglass enables organizations to meet their security and compliance needs while migrating workloads and sensitive datasets to the cloud. Bitglass achieves this through three core technologies that compose its SASE platform. The SmartEdge Secure Web Gateway decrypts and inspects web traffic directly on users’ endpoints. Multi-mode cloud access security broker (CASB) technology delivers visibility, control, and zero-day threat protection as users access managed cloud applications and IaaS platforms. Finally, zero trust network access (ZTNA) ensures secure, contextual access to internal resources. 

In addition to providing the most advanced protections in the secure access service edge (SASE) space, Bitglass’ security platform is a leader when it comes to scalability, performance, and uptime. While competing solutions have attempted to build networks of their own private data centers in order to power their solutions, Bitglass has chosen a fundamentally different approach. The company’s platform is deployed in the public cloud on a Polyscale Architecture that takes advantage of AWS Global Accelerator. Consequently, regardless of where users and the resources they are accessing are located, Bitglass swiftly routes traffic to the endpoint that provides the best performance, optimizing enterprises’ worldwide operations with a vast, congestion-free global network. In fact, customers report faster access to key cloud applications like Office 365 through our proxies than they do when they access said apps directly. 

Organizations that rely upon security solutions that require using vendors’ private clouds or slews of on-premises appliances, can never perform at the level of Bitglass’ AWS-Global-Accelerator-powered Total Cloud Security Platform. 

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