Securing Any App With Bitglass


The rise of the cloud has enabled organizations’ employees to perform their work duties in any location and from a multitude of devices. Now more than ever, employees are accessing a plethora of applications that allow them to remain productive. While these apps improve IT flexibility and employee productivity, they also pose data leakage and compliance challenges when they are not properly secured.

Bitglass’ Total Cloud Security Platform enables your enterprise to deploy any application with maximum security.  Bitglass delivers real-time data and threat protection across all apps in all categories–not just major SaaS like Office 365 and Salesforce. Listed here are just some of the app categories that Bitglass is uniquely suited to secure. 


Enterprise messaging applications like Slack, Glip, Telegram, and Microsoft Teams are now in use across numerous organizations as they streamline communication and file sharing. While these applications and their underlying infrastructures are secure, it is the customers who are responsible for ensuring that these apps are used in a safe fashion–particularly because employees often use them to share proprietary information. Bitglass’ SASE offering is designed to protect sensitive information as it is shared, accessed, or at rest within these apps through capabilities like cloud DLP


Payroll apps like PayChex, Square Payroll, Surepayroll, and Quickbooks offer many different advantages for users and their employer organizations; including viewing paystubs and changing 401(k) contributions. When deploying payroll software, an organization needs to consider how it is going to protect the private employee information that will be stored therein.  Fortunately, Bitglass provides native identity functionality like single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA), and offers contextual access control. 

File Sharing:

File-sharing applications like Box, Dropbox, Citrix ShareFile, and Google Drive enable organizations’ users to share and store files, as well as sync them across multiple devices. However, due to the sheer volume of data within these apps, they are regularly targeted by malicious actors who are seeking to steal sensitive information or infiltrate organizations via malware. Bitglass helps by applying security policies to protect sensitive data and defend against malware at upload, at download, and at rest. 


Electronic medical records are filled with PII and PHI like patient treatment details and medical history. To close critical security and compliance gaps, enterprises are increasingly turning to the leading SASE provider, Bitglass, which enables them to remain safe as they adopt EMR apps like Advanced MD, Athenahealth, PrognoCIS, and others. By leveraging a library of prebuilt identifiers to scan for sensitive data patterns, Bitglass helps its customers to protect the sensitive PHI that can be stored within these kinds of apps.

In today’s workforce, telecommuting, accessing corporate data via personal mobile devices, and cloud-first ecosystems have become the norm. As a result, organizations must rethink their security strategies. Context-aware solutions that can enforce policies based on users’ identities, locations, and devices, as well as the data with which they are interacting, are crucial if organizations intend to stay safe. Bitglass enables enterprises to deploy a comprehensive security platform equipped with granular security measures that can secure any interaction from a flexible, cloud-based architecture. Consequently, organizations are able to rely on a more efficient and cost-effective security platform. 

To learn how your organization can gain full visibility and control over the wide range of applications that employees use to perform their work duties, download “Bitglass for Securing Common Apps” below.

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