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In today’s modern workforce, telecommuting, accessing corporate data via personal mobile devices, and cloud-first ecosystems have become the norm. As a result, organizations must rethink their security strategies. Context-based solutions that can enforce policies based on users identity, location, and device, are crucial if organizations intend on enabling access to sensitive data to their employees. SASE, which stands for secure access service edge, enables enterprises to deploy a comprehensive security platform equipped with granular security measures that can protect IT infrastructure.

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In order to offer a combination of services Bitglass is spearheading the SASE movement. In addition to being a cloud access security broker, adding secure web gateway capabilities onto it’s suite of products makes Bitglass a powerful SASE. Consequently, organizations are able to rely on a more efficient and cost-effective security solution for their operations. Bitglass foresees the need to consolidate numerous critical security capabilities due to today’s maturing IT infrastructures.

In addition to the above, there have been significant changes in recent years to the way that enterprise operations are increasingly executed in the cloud. Cloud adoption has now reached 86% across all industries, therefore, it’s not surprising that most users access corporate data and applications through the cloud. As such, Bitglass has positioned itself accordingly, so when Gartner introduced the concept of SASE, the cloud access security broker was ready to take on this service model head-on.  



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