“Okay, let’s say you are a CiSO” (…) This is how our newly released video starts. Now it’s time to watch it!

We are very proud to introduce our new animation clip, presenting the biggest blind-spot that one very cool CiSO, called P.T Jones, faces. Though he’s a stone-age character, this CiSO actually comes from the future. He already has all the latest cyber-security perimeters (and beyond…) a modern organization needs for its website. But…

Behind the Scenes

P.T Jones uses WAF, IPS and organizational firewall, he just bought the latest anti-phishing platform and conducts parodic due-diligence surveys even for his most trusted vendors. He’s the kind of guy that will do everything in their power to make sure their organization and website are safe and secured. Behind the scenes he considers himself as the strictest CiSO, especially when it comes to cyber-security and privacy risks. Well, at least that what he thought.

Yes, he heard about the Magecart cyber-gang and he’s even familiar with famous breaches like Ticketmaster, British-Airways and Macy’s attacks. But then it came to the third-party JavaScript code P.T’s company development team installed on his precious website. At that moment, he finally realized that he knows nothing about third and fourth parties, or how risky his vendors’ remote domains and third-party cookies might be.

The critics love it! A must see, watch the latest from Reflectiz!

Just before we produced the movie, we have asked P.T a simple question: how many third-parties are installed on your website. Obviously, like many CiSOs, so did P.T, refer to only 50% of what was really out there. And now, that you all know the background it’s showtime!

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