A clean bill of health for PCI Compliance

From starting out in 1840 as a single medical journal, The British Medical Journal (BMJ) now provides a wealth of clinical decisioning tools, resources and events for medical practioners around the world.

With a long and distinguished heritage, the BMJ has certainly proved they move with the times. And, now in an era where consumers are more protective over their personal data than ever before, the organisation has overhauled the way in which they handle card payments via their contact centre, ensuring both PCI Compliance and safeguarding their reputation and building upon their trusted foundations.

The company’s previous PCI solutions were not seamless processes, putting unnecessary pressure on staff and providing a disjointed customer journey. The organisation wanted to continue providing a high-quality service whilst reassuring customers their data was safe.

BMJ turned to PCI Pal for a solution and since implementing PCI Pal’s cloud based Agent Assist technology has seen huge improvements. The contact centre team are now able to remain on live calls with the customers throughout the entire payment process, ensuring a high level of customer service is provided at all times. The customer journey is seamless, providing efficiencies to both customers and staff.

“It was clear that PCI Pal’s solution would give us everything we need, and as a partner with Vonage, it could be integrated – so we didn’t need to bring in a new third party to manage our compliance needs. It also meant that they can support us in the transition process and work through the technicalities.” Andrew Thompson Business Services Change Manage

Learn more about the BMJ’s PCI Compliance journey in our case study.

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