How can utilities companies meet the PCI Compliance challenge?

According to Energy UK, around 5.8 million households in the UK switched to another electricity supplier in 2018 – a reportedly record figure.

Providing a high quality customer experience in the utilities sector is therefore vital to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with the service they are receiving, so they are not tempted to switch supplier.

Consistent service and competitive pricing are a given, however utility providers must also be aware of the trust that consumers have in their brand – and data security today plays a big part.

With data breaches continually hitting the headlines, utility companies need to be able to demonstrate that they are employing the latest methods to protect the way their data is being handled, transacted and archived.

A great example of an organisation that is doing just that is Ecotricity – one of the UK’s leading green energy providers and an independent electricity supplier to homes and businesses.

In conjunction with our partner NewVoiceMedia, a Vonage company, Ecotricity has implemented a new phone system which integrates with our cloud based Agent Assist PCI Compliance solution.

Now, its contact centre agents are able to securely process telephone-based transactions with efficiency, safe in the knowledge that the data is being handled in the most secure and PCI Compliant way.  No payment data enters Ecotricity’s contact centre environment, transactions take place safely and call times have been reduced due to the efficiencies created when processing payments – a big step in further improving customers’ overall satisfaction levels.

To find out more about the steps Ecotricity has taken and the benefits achieved, click here to read our new case study.

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