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SBN Making Privileged Access Management Complete: Find the JIM to your PAM

You read that right. In a shameless reference to the Office, I want to be the JIM to your PAM. Jim and Pam’s relationship was undeniable from the start: both of them had a mutual understanding and fit. While they constantly denied their relationship, it was evident that being together made them stronger and better.

What is JIM?  

Besides being the adorkable prankster from a hit TV show, JIM represents the counterpart to a PAM (Privileged Access Management) solution. Every PAM needs a JIM. Exactly what do I mean by JIM? JIM stands for:

(J)   Just-In-Time Detection

(I)   Immediate Remediation

(M)  Manageability

The features of JIM help compliment PAM solutions already deployed in customer environments. Without JIM, PAM is not complete, and cannot see all the gaps and risk created or the damages done by malicious actors. PAM is a awesome solution to help with requirements like password vaulting and session replay, but cannot protect against advanced threats like stealthy administrators and Metasploit attacks or auto-remediate risky or suspicious behavior in real time. Even password vaults have gaps that can be exploited so it’s critical to find solutions that give complete visibility.

Office_Dundler Mifflin

Traditional PAM solutions require an organization to pay for every single privileged user. The problem with this approach is simple: what if a business user happens to have access to an application with sensitive information that only privileged users should see? That is just one example of the many security gaps in PAM solutions. And this assumes that an organization has taken the time to set up PAM appropriately. With PAM solutions being extraordinarily complex and difficult to deploy, the world needs a counterpart solution to make PAM solutions not only easier but more secure.

Why PAM Needs JIM

The Preempt security research team has outlined all the issues that are presented in traditional PAM solutions in this blog. To summarize at a very high level, most organizations struggle with deploying PAM because of its complexity, as well as the clear security gaps with PAM solutions. Rather than denying the relationship between PAM and JIM, we should embrace them both in order to have a stronger, easier, and more cohesive solution. The Preempt platform helps bring features representing the JIM in a PAM/JIM relationship. Here is how the two overlap: 

Each part of the Preempt Platform helps enable more usage of your PAM solution. Here is how JIM makes PAM better, faster, and stronger:

Just-In-Time Detection

Immediate Remediation




Preempt can augment your current PAM solution by making it both more usable and secure. To learn more about ways to approach PAM challenges more seamlessly, please join our webinar here.

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