SolarWinds Acquires Trusted Metrics

SolarWinds moved to expand its portfolio of security technologies by acquiring Trusted Metrics, a provider of real-time threat monitoring and management software. SolarWinds immediately then launched SolarWinds Threat Monitor, a tool for detecting suspicious activity and malware by aggregating asset data, security events, host intrusion detections and network intrusion detections to make it easier to apply continuously updated threat intelligence.

That threat intelligence capability can be employed to automate threat hunting, automate responses to security incidents and create security reports.

John Pagliuca, general manager of SolarWinds MSP, a unit of SolarWinds focused on managed services, said one of the two things that attracted SolarWinds to Trusted Metrics was a multi-tenant architecture that could be delivered as a service that is in keeping with the disruptive pricing models SolarWinds continues to apply to IT management. SolarWinds will incorporate the technology gained by acquiring Trusted Metrics into offerings it provides to IT operations teams and managed service providers (MSPs).

SolarWinds is still evaluating how much more aggressive on pricing it wants to be, along with the overall future product direction of the Trusted Metrics portfolio, said Pagliuca. Trusted Metrics has been focused primarily on large enterprise customers, and SolarWinds clearly sees an opportunity to expand the threat monitoring and management software into the realm of small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), he said.

Overall, SolarWinds expects the amount of money being spent on cybersecurity to continue to increase, but organizations will become stricter in terms of the cost/benefit analysis being applied to cybersecurity, Pagliuca noted.

SolarWinds has also been extending its IT management footprint into the realm of DevOps. The acquisition of Trusted Metrics clearly creates an opportunity to expand the reach of SolarWinds further into the realm of DevSecOps at a time when the management of IT and security continues to blur.

In general, conventional cybersecurity wisdom now holds that organizations should assume that systems and applications have been compromised. The challenge, therefore, is to discover where malware is hiding before it becomes activated by the cybercriminals who built it. Achieving that goal requires reliance on more than just firewalls and anti-virus software; what’s required is access to cybersecurity technologies that are affordable enough to enable more organizations to deploy more sophisticated cybersecurity technologies.

Pagliuca noted that cybercrimimals have been taking advantage of technology advances to launch more sophisticated attacks against specific types and classes of vulnerabilities. To that end, SolarWinds is working toward making it possible to democratize cybersecurity technologies to combat those threats, he said. As part of that effort, he added, SolarWinds should be expected to continue to disrupt the status quo when it comes to cybersecurity costs.

The degree to which companies such as SolarWinds might drive a wave of consolidation across the cybersecurity category remains to be seen. It’s more than apparent that the number of products and services that organizations now are expected to acquire to secure their applications and infrastructure is becoming cost-prohibitive.

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